Common mistake comma before/after 'huh?'

Comma before/after 'huh?'

There is often confusion about whether or not a comma should be used before or after the interjection "huh?" In order to clarify this, we will explore the correct usage of commas with this commonly used term.

Comma before 'huh?'

When "huh?" is used as a direct address or an introductory word expressing surprise or confusion, it is common to use a comma before it. This helps to separate it from the rest of the sentence and indicates a pause for emphasis. Examples of correct usage include:

  • "John, huh? I didn't expect to see you here!"
  • "Well, huh? That's certainly a surprise."

In both of these examples, the comma serves to clearly indicate the speaker's surprise or confusion, and helps to structure the sentence for better understanding.

Comma after 'huh?'

When "huh?" is used to directly ask a question, it does not usually require a comma after it. This is because the question mark already fulfills the role of punctuation to indicate a question. Examples of correct usage include:

  • "What did you say, huh?"
  • "Are you coming with us, huh?"

Here, the question mark at the end of the sentence is sufficient to indicate that "huh?" is being used to ask a question, and adding a comma would be redundant.

It is important to note that these guidelines for using commas before or after "huh?" are not fixed rules, but rather suggestions for clarity and effective communication. Depending on the context and personal preferences, some writers may choose to deviate from these guidelines.

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comma before/after 'huh?' mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Was it you huh?

    Was it you, huh?

  • Incorrect:
    Huh I thought it was done already.

    Huh, I thought it was done already.

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