Common mistake Enumerations with dashes: 1.2.-

Common Mistake: Enumerations with Dashes

One common mistake that people make when writing is using dashes in enumerations. This type of mistake can be easily overlooked, but it can make your writing unclear and confusing.

When creating a list or enumeration, it is important to use the correct punctuation. Dashes are not necessary in this context and should be avoided. Instead, use numbers or bullet points to indicate each item in the list.

Incorrect: 1.2.-

An example of an incorrect enumeration with dashes would be something like this: 1.2.-

Using a dash in this way does not provide any additional information or clarity to the reader. It can lead to confusion and make your writing harder to understand.

Correct: 1.2.

The correct way to format an enumeration would be to simply use the number or bullet point. For example, instead of using a dash, you would write: 1.2.

This conveys the same information without any unnecessary punctuation.

Why it matters

Using incorrect punctuation, such as dashes in enumerations, can undermine the effectiveness of your writing. It can cause confusion for your readers and make your writing appear less professional. By using the correct punctuation, you can ensure that your writing is clear, concise, and easy to understand.

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Enumerations with dashes: 1.2.- mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    1.- Introduction

    1. Introduction

  • Incorrect:
    1.-- Introduction

    1. Introduction

  • Incorrect:
    1.3.— Introduction

    1.3. Introduction

  • Correct:
  • Correct:
    12.45 - -4 = 8.45
  • Correct:
    ...with a rock...—, I believe that...
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