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Common Grammar Mistakes: Avoiding the Pitfalls


English grammar can be quite complex, and even the most proficient speakers and writers can make mistakes from time to time. However, by being aware of common pitfalls, you can significantly improve your command of the language. In this article, we will explore some commonly made grammar mistakes and provide examples and tips on how to avoid them.

The Confusing Apostrophe

One of the most commonly misused punctuation marks is the apostrophe. It is often used incorrectly in possessive nouns, plurals, and contractions. For example:

  • Incorrect: The cat's are hungry.
  • Correct: The cats are hungry.

Here, the incorrect sentence suggests that there is a possessive noun, but in reality, we are talking about more than one cat, which should be expressed with the plural form.

Subject-Verb Agreement

Subject-verb agreement is another area where mistakes frequently occur. It is important to match the subject of a sentence with the appropriate verb form. Consider the following example:

  • Incorrect: The group of students was working on their projects.
  • Correct: The group of students were working on their projects.

In this case, the verb "was" does not agree with the plural noun "students." The correct verb form should be "were."

Using Incorrect Word Forms

Choosing the correct word forms can be tricky, especially with words that sound similar or have different meanings based on their form. For instance:

  • Incorrect: I seen that movie last night.
  • Correct: I saw that movie last night.

Here, "seen" is the incorrect past tense form of the verb "see." The correct form is "saw."

Misplaced Modifiers

Misplaced modifiers can lead to confusion and change the meaning of a sentence. A modifier should be placed near the word it is intended to modify. Consider the following example:

  • Incorrect: Walking to school, the rain started to pour.
  • Correct: As I walked to school, the rain started to pour.

In the incorrect sentence, it seems as though the rain is walking to school. By rephrasing the sentence, we clarify that "I" is the one walking, not the rain.

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Great(,) that is ... mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Awesome that is by far your best idea yet.

    Awesome, that|Awesome! That|Awesome. That is by far your best idea yet.

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