Common mistakes in English - category Plain english

really, very, quite, extremely, severely (use sparingly) Starting sentence with 'The truth/fact is'. Legal jargon referring to previous text you are requested (please) worthwhile is weak with/in reference to, with/in regard to (about, of, on, for, concerning, regarding) what I mean to say is that (omit) until such time as (until) type of (omit) the undersigned (I, me, we) that exists (omit) take action to (omit) sufficient (enough) sooner rather than later (soon, now) solicit for regard as being (regard as) on two separate occasions (twice) on the other hand (omit, but, yet) on the occasion of (on, when, because of) obtain (get) not the same (different) not often, not very often (seldom. rare, rarely) not many (few) not unlike (similar, alike) not certain (uncertain) not accept (reject) not able (unable) make an attempt/effort/try (try) make decisions about (decide on) majority (most, usually) when not voting it seems that (omit) in the process of in the neighborhood of (about) in the nature of (like) in the final or last or ultimate analysis (finally, in conclusion) in the event of, in the event that (if, in case) in the case of (about, to) in the affirmative (yes, affirmatively) in terms of (in, for) in my opinion (omit) in excess of (more than, over, exceeding) in a very real sense (omit) in a manner of speaking (omit) have a tendency (tends) have the ability to (be able to, can) for the purpose of (to, for) for the most part (omit) for all intents and purposes (omit) each and every (every) currently clearly, obviously by means of (by, with, through) belated (late) wordy phrase: due to the fact be advised on a x basis at your earliest convenience (as soon as you can) at all times (always) assist, assistance (help) as per (as, in accordance with) as a matter of fact (in fact, actually, omit) along the lines of (like) all things considered (omit) verb acquire (get, develop) accurate verb accrue verb accomplish (do, archive, finish) accompany accommodation accentuate accelerate accede to (give in) abundance Possible wordiness: be a X one emphatic reflexive pronouns (I myself) your attention is drawn, draw to your attention (please see, please note, point out) state-of-the-art question as to whether, question of whether (question whether) despite the fact that, in spite of the fact that (although, though) Some phrases that can be simplified at the present time, at this time, at this point in time, at the moment (now, currently)
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