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Common Mistakes in English Grammar

Incorrect Use of "Currently"

One common mistake in English grammar is the incorrect use of the word "currently." Many people use this word in sentences where it is not needed, or they use it incorrectly.

Instead of using "currently," it is better to omit it altogether or replace it with the word "now." For example:

  • Incorrect: I am currently reading a book.
  • Correct: I am reading a book.
  • Correct: I am now reading a book.

Using "currently" in the examples above is unnecessary because the present tense of the verb "am" already indicates that the action is happening now. The word "currently" adds no additional meaning to the sentence.

Here are a few more examples of incorrect and correct usage:

  • Incorrect: The current president is currently working on new policies.
  • Correct: The president is working on new policies.
  • Correct: The current president is now working on new policies.

Again, in both correct examples above, using "currently" is redundant because the verb "is" indicates that the president is presently working on new policies.

By paying attention to the use of "currently" and omitting or replacing it when necessary, you can improve the clarity and effectiveness of your English writing.

Linguix grammar checker can help you identify and correct common grammar mistakes like the incorrect use of "currently." With its advanced algorithms and suggestions, you can ensure your writing is clear, concise, and error-free.

currently mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    I am currently employed.

    I am now employed.

  • Correct:
    I am now employed.
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