Common mistake the undersigned (I, me, we)

The Undersigned: I, Me, or We?

When it comes to legal documents or formal letters, there is a particular phrase that often causes confusion: "the undersigned." However, the question that arises is whether to use "I," "me," or "we" after this phrase. Let's shed some light on this common grammatical mistake.

Using "I"

Many people assume that "the undersigned" should be followed by "I" because it sounds more formal and professional. However, this is not grammatically correct. The pronoun "I" is always used as a subject in a sentence, and "the undersigned" is not performing any action in this context. Therefore, using "I" after "the undersigned" is considered incorrect.

Using "Me"

Using "me" after "the undersigned" is a more common mistake. The pronoun "me" is used as an object in a sentence, which means it receives the action of the verb. In the case of "the undersigned," it is the one performing the action, signing the document or letter. Therefore, using "me" is grammatically incorrect as well.

Using "We"

The correct choice after "the undersigned" is "we." Here, "we" is a pronoun that represents a group or collective noun. When signing a document or writing a formal letter, you include yourself and possibly others, so using "we" is the appropriate option.

For example:

  • "The undersigned (we) hereby declare..."
  • "The undersigned (we) acknowledge receipt..."
  • "The undersigned (we) agree to the terms and conditions..."

Using "we" after "the undersigned" reflects the collective responsibility and agreement of the group involved. It's essential for maintaining clarity and precision in legal or formal contexts.

So, remember, when you encounter "the undersigned" in a legal or formal document, opt for "we" to ensure correct grammar usage.

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the undersigned (I, me, we) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Please contact the undersigned.

    Please contact I|me|we.

  • Correct:
    Please call me on this number.
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