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Common Grammar Mistake: Incorrect Use of "accompany"

One common grammar mistake that is often made is the incorrect use of the word "accompany." While the word is commonly used in a musical context, it is often misused in everyday speech. In non-musical contexts, it is more appropriate to use the phrases "go with" or "with."

Incorrect: I will accompany you to the party tonight.

This sentence is incorrect because "accompany" is not the most appropriate word to use in this context. Instead, it would be more accurate to say:

Correct: I will go with you to the party tonight.


Correct: I will be with you at the party tonight.

Incorrect: The new manager will accompany the team during the presentation.

Similarly, this sentence is incorrect because "accompany" does not convey the intended meaning. Instead, it would be better to say:

Correct: The new manager will be with the team during the presentation.

By substituting "accompany" with the more appropriate phrases "go with" or "with," you can ensure that your communication is clear and accurate.

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accompany mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    You need to accompany him.

    You need to go with|with him.

  • Correct:
    You need to go with him.
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