Common mistake majority (most, usually) when not voting

Grammar Mistake: Incorrect Use of "Majority"

The word "majority" is commonly misused when referring to a large portion or a high percentage of something. People tend to overuse "majority" when they should be using "most" or "usually."

Using "Majority" for Countable Nouns

The correct usage of "majority" is when it is used to describe more than half of a countable noun, especially in the context of voting or opinion polls. For example:

  • Most of the children in the class voted to have a pizza party, but the majority wanted ice cream instead.
  • The majority of the board members approved the budget proposal.

Using "Most" or "Usually" for Uncountable Nouns

When referring to an uncountable noun or a general trend or characteristic, it is incorrect to use "majority." Instead, we should use "most" or "usually." For example:

  • Most people enjoy spending time with their families during the holidays.
  • Usually, the team practices for two hours every day.

It is important to note that "majority" can only be used with countable nouns, while "most" or "usually" is used with uncountable nouns or to describe general trends and characteristics.

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majority (most, usually) when not voting mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Majority of the world is covered with water.

    Most|Usually of the world is covered with water.

  • Correct:
    Most of the world is covered with water.
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