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The Best Tools for Designing, Producing, and Tracking SEO Content

SEO is now rightly regarded as a critical part of any companies’ marketing approach. But you have to get it right.

As you would expect, there are loads of tools out there that claim to help in your generation and tracking of SEO-friendly text which can help establish your business. But why might you even need to use an SEO tool?

Why use SEO tools in the first place?

There is quite often more to SEO than people think. First and foremost, you have to identify the correct keywords for your business, and these are constantly changing. Then you have to produce content that is SEO-friendly and then measure your results against a host of parameters, including competitors, location, and click-through, to name but a few.

All of these activities can be made easier with the right tool. So, without further ado, here we take a look at some of the best SEO services out there.

Ahrefs for SEO analysis

If you want a website crawler, then Ahrefs is one of the few tools that can rival Google. The Ahrefs site audit capability is one of the best-loved analytics tools available anywhere on the market, and it quickly and effectively allows you to identify the aspects of your website that need improving. The result? Better rankings.

Ahrefs is great for getting competitor analysis in terms of backlinks, and you can also use it to identify broken links and understand what pages are performing best for you (so you know what is attracting users).

SEMRush for optimization

There is no doubt that SEMRush is one of the best-known and most popular SEO tools on the market. And it’s not surprising as there is just so much you can do with this particular tool. You can assess your rankings, plan necessary changes, and identify new opportunities. And the domain vs domain offering – through which you can directly compare your website to those of your competitors – is one of the most popular SEO tools of them all. The organic traffic insights tool is also a crowd-pleaser as you can use it to see all your article stats in one place. Optimizing has therefore never been so easy.

KWFinder for finding long-tail keywords

If you are on the search for long-tail keywords that have less competition, plus you want to run analytics for the success of your backlinks and SERP, then KWFinder is what you need. The Rank Tracker is one of the tool’s most popular offerings, and you’ll never be short of keyword ideas. 

What sets KWFinder apart is the quality of related terms that it pulls in for your analysis. This allows you to focus your content properly.

Frase for producing content reflecting user intent

Frase proudly states that it will help you produce SEO-content that will continue to bring you results ten years from now, which is some claim. But this is a tool that helps you produce content that provides answers to search questions: exactly the kind of content that the search engine bots now crawl for.

Frase will basically allow you to consistently produce content that reflects user intent and will therefore shoot you up the rankings. It’s compatible with voice devices too and even provides an AI-powered chatbot for your website that is able to use the content already on your site to answer user questions. 

Linguix for producing error-free content

Finally, when putting together your content on Frase you can use the tool in conjunction with Linguix, one of the web’s most powerful writing assistants. Simply write your text as you would normally on Frase and, once you have the free Linguix extension for Chrome, Firefox or Edge downloaded, you will automictically get edit suggestions on any mistake you make, including all manner of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation-based errors.

What is more, with Linguix you can instantly get word definitions, synonyms, and even the opportunity to insert your own pre-written text through an easily assigned shortcode (called snippets). Visit Linguix.com to see a number of additional features that you can avail of, including expert-crafted templates and writing quality scores.  

You don’t just need content that provides answers, you need content that is well-written too as this aspect is becoming increasingly important to search engine bots. That’s why a combination of Frase and Linguix really hits the spot.

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