The Best Tools Available for SEO Professionals

Are you in the business of SEO? Most companies rely on it in some capacity. You may have some talented individuals working for you, or you may be one of those talented individuals yourself, but the question to ask yourself is whether or not you are employing the right tools to help with your pursuit of SEO excellence. The tools are out there, so why wouldn’t you avail of them to help boost the ability of your content to drive traffic?

Without further ado, these are some of the very best tools to help you maximize your SEO capabilities.


Frase is a tool that is designed specifically for SEO, and it is something that will continue to be useful for you long into the future, even as SEO algorithms continue to adapt and evolve. 

With Frase, you can create content that is, vitally, aligned with user intent – the key consideration in rankings. That’s at the backend. Frase also intuitively answers website visitors’ questions through an AI chatbot fed with live website content. See why companies such as Rev, TechTarget, and etoro are already availing of what Frase has to offer.


If you are in the business of increasing the amount of traffic to a website, then Blogely is the tool you need. This is a software that assists in the full array of content management practices, from the creation, organization, and planning stages, to the all-important SEO optimization, promotion, and sales activities.  

The Blogely free trial is a great place to start to see how this intuitive software can maximize your content marketing practices, and soon find yourself creating the kind of unique and original content that is fully SEO-optimized in order to drive and convert traffic.


Linguix is an AI-powered writing assistant. It’s intuitive editing tool, which works anywhere you type of the web, offers up sophisticated corrections to an impressively wide array of language mistakes, from typos to more complex grammar and punctuation considerations.

Yet that is far from the end of what Linguix has to offer. You can avail of a comprehensive array of services which include expert-crafted templates for all manner of useful purposes, statistics which included content readability scores (vital for SEO) and corrections in terms of pre-defined style and tone. The Linguix extension for Chrome, Firefox and Edge integrates fully with other SEO tools that you may wish to use, such as Frase and Blogely. 

The Linguix for Business tool works seamlessly with any number of professional tools that your business may already use, and there is also a white label solution.

Simply click here to book yourself a demo and see what Linguix can do for you.

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