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Where Does the Linguix Google Chrome Extension Work, and How Can It Help?

A quick, easy, and free way to start working with Linguix immediately is to download our free extension for Google Chrome. Or if you prefer, it’s also available for Mozilla Firefox or even Microsoft Edge.

Why would you do this?

Quite simply, because you would then have a seamless means of checking your grammar, spelling, and style in relation to anything you write, absolutely anywhere on the web. So, whether you are writing a social media post or blog article, a work email, an insight for a forum, an important Google Docs piece, or perhaps even all at the same time, Linguix is with you every step of the way to ensure you write better.

As long as you are writing on the web, then the Linguix extension is there alongside you to highlight possible errors, make recommendations to edit, and even there as a look-up option if you wish to get definitions and synonyms of what you are reading and/or writing.

And remember, that’s a free extension!

Here are some of the places you might need Linguix most.

Social and Business Media

Linguix is fully compatible with your social and business media posts via the biggest and best sites, so whether you are reaching out directly to customers with your Facebook posts or Tweets, or are penning something a little more business-to-business focused on LinkedIn, the Linguix tool will give you a little alert if a spelling or grammar mistake is detected.

Simply hover your cursor over the word or phrase that has been underlined by the Linguix tool, and be presented with alternatives, which can be accepted or rejected as you like. It’s that easy. And rest assured that these suggestions are powered by an AI tool developed by language experts, with an incredibly comprehensive database of suggestions to select from as appropriate.

Google Docs

In February of 2020, Linguix announced an exciting update to its service: support for Google Documents.

Google Documents is an excellent tool for businesses to share longer-form texts and allow collaborative edits. Enabling the Linguix extension to work here has allowed businesses to step up the quality of writing with the complete set of Linguix suggestions and full editing suite now applicable within these important documents.


Populating your website with well-written text, as well as informative blog posts and the full combination of written materials is essential for business. Once again, the Linguix extension works seamlessly with the text you enter here at the backend, providing the recommended edits that ensure the text reflects the professionalism of your business once it is live on the site. It works with Medium too if blog posts are your focus.

Use it to learn new words

The Linguix Chrome extension is not just about writing. Whatever you are reading on the web, simply right-click on the word that interests you, and immediately be provided with an accurate definition as provided by Linguix.

If that wasn’t enough, you can hover over a word and then hold down the Alt button and double click (ensuring ease of use) to bring up a list of synonyms. In this way, not only can you learn an abundant new amount of vocabulary, but you could also select a word that might be more appropriate for any text that you are writing.

Here we have introduced just a small selection of examples of where the Linguix extension for Chrome (or Firefox or Edge) could be used, as well as some of the functions that are available to you. We focus on the breadth of our offering, in terms of the literally thousands of compatible sites, the accuracy of our suggestions (based on algorithms developed by professional linguists), and then the user-friendliness of the application and presentation.

And it’s free! Try it now, and then have a look at what our additional Premium features could bring you.

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