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The 5 Essential Habits of Highly Productive People, and How to Adopt Them

Highly productive individuals were not simply born that way, but are productive because of learned behavior. Like them, you can acquire those habits. So, what exactly are those habits, and how can you implement them to also become highly productive?

Highly productive people are great at prioritizing their tasks, and then following through.

At any given time you may have a number of tasks that need to be completed. Not all of those tasks are of equal importance, however. The trick here is to quickly identify the most important tasks, and then concentrate on those first, no matter if they are the ones you least want to do. Don’t spend time procrastinating or dedicating your time to tasks that lack importance: highly productive people identify what is the priority, and get it done. You can do that too.

Highly productive people understand what distracts them, and they cut those distractions out

Everyone is susceptible to distractions. The trick here is to recognize very well what those distractions are – be it emails, chatty colleagues, your phone, visits to the coffee machine, or a million and one other things – and then work to cut them out.

For example, if you work in an open-plan office and are easily distracted by chatty colleagues, then allocate time at home, in a private office, or wherever it may be to get your most important tasks done. If the problem is checking your emails, then simply close the applications that you use to check them. If it’s your cell phone, then leave it somewhere out of reach. Of course, all of these actions require discipline, but you have to start with the right intention.

Highly productive people break tasks down into manageable pieces

Feeling overwhelmed is the quickest way to damaging productivity. Feeling overwhelmed introduces elements of doubt. Doubt fuels inactivity. Inactivity is inefficiency. As the old adage states – “How do you eat an elephant? One mouthful at a time. So instead of focusing on the entirety of the task at hand, break it down into manageable chunks which can be easily handled one piece at a time. And like a jigsaw puzzle, fit all the pieces together and you have a pretty impressive whole.

Highly productive people place value in their achievements rather than time spent working

Are you one of those people who likes to be first into the office and last to go home? Is that the prevailing culture at your place of work? If so, then you are following one of the most misguided principles that ever entered the workplace.

The only true measure of productivity is what you have achieved. Someone who spends 60 hours completing the same amount of work to the same degree of quality as someone who spends 40 hours doing the same thing is not productive. That’s a fact. So, place value on what you have done, not how long you spent doing it

Highly productive people use the right tools

Do you use the right tools to get the job done? You wouldn’t cut vegetables with a spoon, would you?

Those individuals who are productive are partly so because they have identified the correct tools to assist them. So, whether that’s the best piece of equipment, the best app, the best software, or whatever it may be, conduct the necessary research to find out what can assist you best.

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