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How Linguix Can Help Multilingual English Speakers Write More Fluently

If you are a non-native English speaker (English is not your first language) then you may come across some familiar frustrations when you write in English. These are just some of the issues you may experience:

  • Grammar and spelling errors
  • Frustration at not knowing the correct rule for a grammatical construction
  • Issues with false friends and not knowing the correct word in English
  • Problems with consistency in quality in the written English you produce
  • Writing in English takes you a lot of time
  • Failing to find the correct style, tone and even dialect for your audience

Fortunately, with the Linguix writing assistant, these mistakes and frustrations can become a thing of the past. Here is how Linguix can help you write more fluently in English:

Linguix identifies the grammar and spelling mistakes that you make

You may struggle with the spelling of particular words in English (everybody does). Or there may be particular grammar points that always catch you out. Linguix will identify these mistakes for you and give you the suitable (and correct) alternative.

But Linguix does more than that. Because you don’t want to be making the same old mistakes over and over. So what you need is information regarding why what you have written is wrong. You might not know, after all, why what you have written is a mistake in the first place.

Linguix gives you detailed rules descriptions so you not only fix the mistake, but you stop making it in future too.

Linguix can help you write in the correct tone and dialect

Knowing your audience is an essential part of writing effectively, and can really make a difference in situations such as writing marketing text. But when English is not your first language it can be a little difficult to strike the write tone and voice in your writing. For example, you may sound overly formal when you were aiming for a more conversational, friendly tone. And then, of course, there are slightly different English dialects that you may need to master to ensure that you are reaching the right audience in the right way.

Linguix can solve these style and dialect problems for you. 

First, in the settings menu set the English dialect that you wish to write in. Here you can also personalize the style that you mostly write in.

Next, in your sidebar you can click on the ‘audience’ tab and then select the tone and voice you are looking to use in your text.

Now all of your mistakes will be assessed with the parameters you have set in mind. So if you write something in British English instead of American English, that mistake will be flagged, for example. And if you have chosen a general tone but your text is overly academic, again the relevant mistakes will be identified. And of course, you’ll get suitable corrections offered too.

Linguix can eliminate mistakes with false friends

False friends are words in a language that look similar to a word in another language, but in fact have an entirely different meaning. 

As an example, ‘actualmente’ in Spanish looks a lot like ‘actually’ in English. But the correct translation is ‘currently’, which is ‘realmente’ in Spanish.

You can see how easy it would be to make that mistake.

But Linguix picks up on those errors with false friends, ensuring another stumbling black for non-native speakers is overcome.

Linguix can help you write faster in English

One of the most common problems facing multilingual speakers when they attempt to write in English is that it takes up precious time. You may find that writing in English – as your non-native language – takes twice as long as writing in your mother tongue. That’s a common complaint.

Once again Linguix steps up to the plate. With the Linguix templates library you have a starting reference point for tons of different useful documents and emails. You can avail of academic paper templates, company document templates and more.

And then, when you do produce a nice piece of written English that you would like to use again in the future, you can allocate a shortcode to it with the Linguix snippets feature. It’s then ready for you to use again at a click of a button.

So, you see, an intuitive writing assistant like Linguix really can make writing in English easier. Become more consistent and more fluent in your written English with Linguix.

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