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Creating and Sending Effective Follow-Up Emails to Improve Efficiency, and Your Bottom-Line

Writing emails is still one of the most effective strategies open to your business. In an age of ever more sophisticated social media content marketing approaches, online networking events and other such modern phenomena, putting together an effective email can still achieve much.

From establishing relationships to cementing existing ones, from effective marking to securing sales, the value of well-structured and timely emails cannot be ignored.

But you can’t just send an email, sit back and wait for the magic to happen. In fact, research has proven that, although the original email may receive one of the highest response rates, subsequent emails do continue to get those valuable responses. In fact, one such study saw the sixth email receiving an incredible 27% response rate. And yet 70% of salespeople give up after the first email. 

What you need is a carefully considered follow-up-email strategy. Do you have one?

You may feel that you don’t have it in you to send out such a multitude of follow-up emails, even if the evidence is there to suggest there is value in doing so.  You may not have the desire to type out yet another email. You may not have the time. 

The good news is that, with Linguix, valuable help is at hand.

Linguix is an AI-powered writing tool. But it also offers so much more, such as a fully stocked selection of email templates, including follow-up-email varieties, which can be used to create quick content for your electronic messages. Messages that have been proven to be successful.

Simply browse through the selection of templates available and select the one which best mirrors your purpose. Repopulate the necessary elements and you are ready to go.

And what is more, further time can be saved by taking advantage of the Linguix ‘snippets’ library, meaning you can save those often-repeated phrases, sentences, paragraphs or ‘snippets’, and then simply paste them into your email at the required point.

Once you have assigned your snippet a shortcode, you can easily enter the text at the simple click of a button – available both on Mac and Windows.

So, instead of repeatedly having to type a paragraph such as this…

“I’m just following up from my last email to see if you have had time to review our product, or to check if you had any questions – I would be delighted to answer them.”

…you can simply insert the snippet at the desired moment. Effective, and time saving. You can also achieve consistency in your emails and be sure that you have eradicated easy-to-make mistakes that perpetuate our writing when we have to do so much of it. Of course, you can use the Linguix writing tool to help you initially shape your content too, making sure it is free from errors and pitched to the right audience (Linguix facilitates all of this). 

Did you know that office workers spend 28% of their day managing emails? If you could halve this time, imagine the saving!

Sending effective and timely follow-up emails has never been so easy thanks to the Linguix content and snippets libraries. 


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