Welcome Email #2
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The "Welcome Email #2" template is a personalized email that welcomes new customers to the company's community and informs them about the company's mission. The email also provides a call to action, offering support and free resources to help new customers maximize the value of the company's product or service.
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Hi there [Customer],
 This is [Your name] from [your company name]. I’d like to let you know how excited we are that you’re joining our community at {business name}. Here, we always strive to {mission statement}. 

Call to action

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to respond to my email, or send us a message through the support center. My job is to be a resource so you can maximize the value of {product or service}. 

Provide value 

Meanwhile, we have some free resources for new customers. They’re intended to answer the most common questions. You can find them on our website: {title with link 1} and {title with link 2}. 
 Once again, we’re glad to have you on board. 
[Your company/name]

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