Scheduling a Meeting (Warm Lead)
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The "Scheduling a Meeting (Warm Lead)" template is a short 15-minute call request with a proposed agenda aiming to show how their product can benefit the prospect's team, share customer stories and statistics if available, and address any concerns or questions the prospect may have. The template ends by proposing a time and date for the call and promising to follow up with a conference call link.
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Hey [Name]!
Just wanted to know your availability for a short 15-minute call tomorrow?

Share the agenda

I’d love to:
— Show you how our product works and how it can be beneficial to your team.
— Share some customer stories and statistics.
— Answer any questions or address concerns.
Does 2pm – 2:15 p.m. tomorrow sound good? If yes, I'll follow up with a conference call link.
Talk soon,
[Your name]

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