Press Release: New Hire
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Media update regarding new employee

For the purposes of instant launch
[Organization name] hires [relevant person]. [relevant person] will step into the role as organization’s [job title]
[Insert company city and state, followed by the current date][Name of organization] is delighted to announce the arrival of [name of relevant person] into the role of [relevant role]. [First name of relevant person] will add significant expertise in the field of [specific expertise].
[Name of relevant person] will be directly in charge of [main duty] where he/she will be mostly involved in [area of activity]. [Relevant name]’s main objective will be to [details of significant objective].
[Relevant person] is delighted to be a part of [organization name], stating “[relevant comment].”
[Relevant comment from leader of organization – CEO/Chairman etc], stated [name of relevant CEO/Chairman etc], adding that [name of organization] was delighted to be adding [name of new hire] to the team.
[Name of new hire]’s prior role was at [name of relevant organization] and was in charge of [name of main team responsible for] and mainly involved in [activities]. Significant success was achieved in [successful area] and [name of new hire] is respected in the sector for [significant areas of expertise and experience].

Bio [Organization name]

Insert brief background overview of the company, highlighting relevant information, i.e. start date, main clients, overview of service and/or provision, and the main competitive advantages of the organization.

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First and last name of the PR manager:
 Company name:
 Phone no.:
 Email address:
 Online details including web address and social media accounts:

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