Press Release: General Media Update
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[Insert company city and state, followed by the current date][Name of organization] is delighted to announce [what?]


[Relevant company name] is delighted to make the announcement that [relevant information]

[Most significant information to be included here]

Expanding the topic

[Fully update on the impact of this progression]

Relevant comment

[Name of significant person] has said that, “[significant comment].”

Any further details

[State previous significant date], [organization name] [what did they do?]. [Now link this to the present development].

[Now include any relevant call to action of expected future developments].


[Name of organization]

Insert brief background overview of the company, highlighting relevant information, i.e. start date, main clients, overview of service and/or provision, and the main competitive advantages of the organization.

Contact details

Forename and surname

Company title:
Phone no.:

Email address:

Online details including web address:

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