Positive Review Response #3
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The template "Positive Review Response #3" thanks the reviewer for taking their time to leave a positive feedback about the product/service. It highlights their pleasure to hear when any aspect of the service or product is beneficial to their customers and expresses their commitment to future business. It also adds a personal touch by informing the team and mentioning their corporate mission.
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Hello {first name}, 
Thanks for taking the time to review {product or service reviewed}. We are always glad to hear when {aspect of product/service reviewed} is beneficial to our customers. As always, we will look forward to doing business with you in the future. 

Personal touch

When feedback like this comes in, it makes everyone’s day, so I’ll let the team know what you’ve said. Our corporate mission is to {your company’s mission statement / goal}, and we’re glad it worked out well for you because of {aspect reviewed positively}. 
Thanks again!
{your name}

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