Personal Apology Email
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The Personal Apology Email template is used to apologize for a mistake made to a recipient. The template includes an introduction, explanation of why the mistake was made, and a personal touch section. It also includes a call to action and a closing.
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Dear [recipient name],
I would like to express my apology for {mistake made}. There’s no excuse for what happened, and I take full responsibility for the inconvenience that resulted. 

Why this happened

You should know that I misunderstood the problem you were experiencing, and acted accordingly. As a result, the wrong solution was offered. 

Personal touch

There’s no excuse for my error, and I’m truly sorry about the misunderstanding and its results. Going forward, I will ensure that I understand customer needs. If necessary, I will ask questions before trying to solve the problem. 
Please forgive my mistake. Hopefully we can keep working together in the future, should you need further support. 

Call to action

Feel free to reach out with any more questions or feedback you may have. 
[your name]

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