Negative Review Response #4
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The "Negative Review Response #4" template is designed to apologize to the unhappy customer and take responsibility for the incident. It assures the customer that the company considers their feedback as valuable and serves as an opportunity to resolve the issue. The template encourages the customer to reach out and discuss the issue further.
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Hi {first name},

Ouch! I’m really sorry to hear about your bad experience with {product or service reviewed}. Please let me explain..


At the time {incident} occurred, {situation that caused the problem}. I admit that we messed up. Please accept my apology! 

How you will react

At {your company name}, customers should always be first priority, and I’m sorry to hear that wasn’t the case this time. I am letting {team or person responsible} know about your complaint, so that {he is/she is/they are } aware of their error and the negative effects it had on you. In addition, we will determine how to make sure it never happens again. 
I hope you’ll let us make it right. If you’d like to discuss this issue further, you can reach me personally at  {your email}. Again, I am {your name}, and I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to make this up to you. 
Once again, thanks for reaching out!
{your name}

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