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Negative Review Response #3
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The "Negative Review Response #3" template acknowledges shortcomings and takes responsibility. It promises to learn from the situation and improve future service. The account manager is tasked with making things right, and the writer offers their availability to address any further concerns.
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Thanks for reaching out and letting us know how we fell short. I’m sorry that we failed to live up to your expectations. 
Since we’re always trying to do better, I have asked your account manager, {AM name} for some insights. By knowing more about our failures, we should be able to do better next time. We’ve definitely fallen short, in particular {reiterate the misstep}.

How you will react

{AM name} and I want to meet your expectations, so {he/she} will be contacting you to try and make this right. In addition, I am always available at {your email} to address any questions or concerns..
Again, thank you for the feedback. We are looking forward to the opportunity for improvement. 
{your name}

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