Negative Review Response #2
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This template is a response to a negative review, offering apologies and assistance in addressing customer concerns. The template emphasizes the company's commitment to customer satisfaction and offers to take action to address the issues. The response concludes with an invitation to the customer to contact the company to ensure their needs are met.
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Hello {first name}, 
Let me first thank you for sharing your concerns. We are disappointed to hear that {product, service, or department} fell short of your standards. Our company isn’t satisfied with customer disappointments, and we apologize for it. 

Apologies and help offer

Going forward, I’ll address these concerns by {indicate how you’ll try to address customer concerns, as necessary}. It is our policy to strive for customer satisfaction, and when we fall short, the issues are addressed. Rest assured that we’ll work hard toward customer satisfaction.. 
Again, let me stress my sincerest apologies for our shortcomings, and I hope you’ll let us do it right the next time. For now, please contact me at {your email address} so we can ensure your present needs are met. 
Have a great day,
{your name]

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