Negative Review Response #1
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The "Negative Review Response #1" template is a message to respond to a negative review. The message thanks the reviewer for the feedback, apologizes for the issue mentioned in the review and assures the reviewer that their feedback will be shared with the appropriate person in the company to improve the product or service. The template ends by encouraging the reviewer to share any further feedback or suggestions for improvement.
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Hi {first name}, 
We appreciate you taking the time to review our product. Since we value everyone’s feedback I’d like to offer an apology about  {main criticism in review}. {Mention reviewer’s comments on how their issue impacted them}. 


I hope that we can do better in the future, so I’m sending your feedback to {whoever in your company would be responsible for fixing the problem}. All customer concerns are valuable as we try to make {product or service complained about}. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any further feedback, or if you have suggestions for improvement.. 
{your name}
{your email address}

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