Mass Mailing Apology Email
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The Mass Mailing Apology Email template is a pre-written email that businesses can use to apologize to customers for any issues that may have occurred. The template includes an introduction that acknowledges the problem, an explanation of the problem and efforts being made to fix it, and actions being taken to prevent it from happening again. It closes with a sincere apology from the executive or company's name.
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Dear {company} customers, 
Today, we experienced {issue} at {time}. We’re sorry to say that this affected {number} of our valuable customers. 


We’d like to help you understand what caused this issue: {explain problem}. Unfortunately, we are still working on a solution, but {explain efforts}.
We know that waiting for the problem to be fixed is very frustrating. Rest assured that we are working hard to resolve this situation. As a company, we are lucky to have such great customers. Unfortunately, on {date} we failed to live up to your expectations. 

Actions taken

Rest assured that we are trying to resolve this situation and prevent it from happening again. To that end, we are analyzing what caused the issue, the impact it had on our customers, and how to prevent it. We appreciate your patience as we work on a resolution to get you working better with {product} again. 
[executive or company name]

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