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Expert interview blog post
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The opportunity arose to talk with [expert who is subject of interview] in order to get the lowdown on [issue]. [Expert’s name] is a highly-regarded voice within the [name of sector etc.]. [Expert] has held the role of [job title, for example, EMEA VP at Google] since [start date], while formerly working with [names of previous job titles and relevant companies, including notable achievements].

Question 1

Question: How did you end up in the position of [current role]?
Answer: [Response]

Question 2

Question: What do you envisage to be the biggest challengers in the [relevant market] currently?
Answer: [Response]

Question 3

Question: In your opinion, who are the industry forerunners in [name of sector] and what is their unique approach?
Answer: [Response]

Question 4

Question: What are your forecasts for [developments in the specified sector/movements in the market and so on]?
Answer: [Response]

Concluding statements and call to action

It is our sincere hope that you found our discussion with [relevant person] as enlightening as was our intention. To access more information about [relevant subject/person/sector/niche] please visit [relevant details of where this information can be reached, including social media/online sources].
If there are points that you think we missed in our questioning, don’t hesitate to leave a comment here.

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