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The CV template includes sections for contact information, personal information (optional), employment history, additional work-related information, education, professional qualifications, honors and awards, research/publications/presentations, professional memberships, and interests (optional). The template provides clear and organized sections for individuals to showcase their skills and experiences in a professional manner.
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Contact information

City, State, Country
Cell Phone

Personal information (optional)

Employment authorization
Visa status (need sponsorship or not)

Employment history

List the most recent experience first then go in the reverse chronological order. It is important to include the job’s details, describe your duties, achievements.

Additional work-related information

Here you can list your courses taken, internships you’ve participated, and so on:
Research and Training


Like for the employment history, you should list your degrees in the reverse chronological order. It is important to add details for each degree, including dates, majors, and all factors that may be important to your potential employer to consider. 
Post-Doctoral Training
Graduate School or Program
High School (if no university education)

Professional qualifications

In this section you can list your certifications and accreditations, as well as the skills you have that are most relevant to the position you are applying for.
Certifications and Accreditations
IT/Programming skills
Language skills
Other skills

Honors and awards

If you’ve received any honors and awards that are directly connected to your profession and the position you are applying for, you should include them in this section.


In the case if you have published research, articles on a professional topic (columns, reviews, comments in the editorial articles), submit everything in this section.

Professional memberships

Include the titles of any professional associations, guilds, and other organizations that you are a member of. If you held a position within an organization, list your title.

Interests (optional)

Include any interests that are at least somewhat relevant to your professional interests.

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