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Cover Letter For Internship
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The "Cover Letter For Internship" template is a professional and customizable cover letter format for applying for internship positions. It includes a short introduction addressed to the hiring manager or to "To Whom it May Concern," highlighting the candidate's interest in the role. The letter also includes main bodies where the candidate can showcase their relevant skills and experience, and educational background.
Use Template
Short intro. Dear Mr./Mrs.__________________, OR [Organization name] To Whom it May Concern, The opportunity that you have advertised on [relevant advertising site] regarding [relevant role] at [relevant organization name] immediately caught my eye, and I would like to take this opportunity to provide some information about myself as a prospective candidate, and I would dearly love the opportunity to discover more regarding the role.

The first main body of  the letter

Quite simply I believe that I have the necessary qualities, skills, and attributes to become a valued employee at [organization name]. Since [starting date of current/most recent role] I have been [name of current/most recent position] at [name of relevant organization] and have developed my skills in [relevant skills]. These skills were put into practice when I was able to [how were these skills utilized] resulting in [what were the desired results]. I also believe I possess strong [additional skills] and work particularly effectively in [types of environments, for example, team, high-pressure etc].

The second main body the of letter – not compulsory

In my position of [relevant role] I was actively involved in [types of projects] in which I was able to fine tune my skills in [relevant skills]. Additional responsibilities included [other parts of the role] in which I honed my abilities to [other skills, for example, IT]. In numerical terms, the projects were successful in that they [included here any objective results, including increases in sales/profits/CTR etc]. My educational background is strong. I possess a [name of the strongest qualification] from [institution] and [any other relevant qualification]. I am confident that my combination of personal attributes, educational background and relevant work and industry experience would enable me to become a valued member of the team at [organization’s name]. It would be my pleasure to send on detailed overviews of the relevant projects I have been involved in, and I possess excellent references which are available upon request. Should you consider my skills and experience of interest, I would dearly love to interview with you in order to further display my credentials and meet with you in person. Sincere thanks for your time in considering this cover letter. Kindest Regards/Sincerely, [Candidate name]

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