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Apology From Management Email
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The "Apology From Management Email" template is a pre-made email format used to apologize to customers on behalf of a company. It features an introduction that addresses the customer's experience, an explanation of what happened with an apology, steps taken by the company to fix the problem and a call for future collaboration.
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Dear [customer name],
I would like to apologize for {experience} on behalf of [company name]. This experience must have been frustrating for you. 


It is our understanding that {explain what happened} meant that {mention bad outcome}. We are very sorry that this happened, and apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced. 
At [company name], we always aim to [mission], but this time we failed to measure up to your expectations. Our employee {employee name} reports to me, and I apologize for the mistake {he/she} made. {employee name} has been advised of your complaint, and we are taking appropriate action. Specifically, we {describe steps taken or employee discipline}. 

Call to future collaboration

Once again, I appreciate your bringing this issue to my attention. Thank you for your patience while we find an appropriate resolution. It is my hope that the next time you interact with our employees it will be to the highest standards. We appreciate the trust you’ve placed in {company name}. 
[your name]

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