Apology for Negative Interaction / Experience Email
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The "Apology for Negative Interaction/Experience Email" template is a communication tool used to apologize for a negative experience that a customer had with an employee. It begins by acknowledging the issue and expressing the company's desire to make it right. The template then explains why the experience was unacceptable and the actions that were taken to address it. It concludes by offering something to the customer to make up for the negative interaction and encouraging them to reach out with any further concerns.
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Dear [first name],
I understand that your interaction on {date} with our employee did not live up to your expectations. At {company name}, we take this seriously, and would like to make it right.


In particular, {bad experience} did not meet corporate standards. What {employee name} did was unacceptable and did not reflect our values. On behalf of everyone here, I’m sorry for what you went through.. 

Actions taken

We have carefully reviewed this incident, and decided to {describe resolution including employee discipline as applicable}. Our decision was based on {factors leading to decision}. 
To address this issue for you, we will {explain resolution for customer. This could include new account rep or support agent, etc.}.


At the corporate level, we respect and value all of our customers. Therefore, we would like to {describe what is being offered to make it right}. While this doesn’t excuse the actions of {employee}, we hope it demonstrates our commitment to customer satisfaction. 
Please reach out to me if you have further questions or comments. We’re eager to make things right. 
[your company/name]

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