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AI that helps in learning. Try it today.

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Be a better student. Be a better teacher.
AI-based writing assistant linguix

AI-based writing assistant
for students and schools.

Linguix AI-based writing assistant helps anyone learning English to polish their grammar, memorize new words, and develop a good writing style.

Speed up your progress

Improve your grammar, enhance your vocabulary, and develop a good writing style.
Grammar Checker
Use Linguix to find and eliminate mistakes in your English writing.
Vocabulary Enhancement
Expand your vocabulary and master the true sense of the language.
Personalized Learning
Linguix displays detailed rules explanations for the most critical mistakes you make.
Writing Insights
Get audience-specific corrections, access statistics, and view readability scores.
Content Templates
Explore multiple types of essays using our content template library.
Comprehensive Handbook
Access up-to-date learning materials and practical advice using Linguix' Handbook.
AI that helps in learning

AI that helps in learning

Built by professional writers, linguists and technology experts, Linguix helps you in finding and fixing millions of mistakes and typos in your English texts.

Get Linguix Education
Homework mastering tool
Homework mastering tool

Linguix is a perfect platform for homework preparation. It helps students in finding errors in their essays and other writing. The AI-based statistics feature also analyzes information about the most common mistakes and shares it with a user. This makes you progress faster.


Schools and universities can use our group work feature. Every person in a class can become a member of a team. In turn, the teacher will see the most common mistakes made by each student and track their progress over time.

Learn different styles of writing
Learn different styles of writing

Our AI-based writing assistant not only helps in spotting errors but also gives recommendations on enhancing writing style. Moreover, Linguix EDU users have access to a database of templates in different styles: from high school essays to press releases. Thus, the student will learn how to write in each context.

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