Our leadership team

Linguix helps people to make their writing correct, precise and effective.

Our team has notable experience in creating top-notch tools for solving everyday tasks. We are open to experiments, innovations, and continually researching to make our AI-writing assistant better.

We have created a unique mix of content experts and technology professionals to build a product that will be helpful and easy to use.

Our leadership team
Alex Lashkov
Alex Lashkov

An accomplished journalist and writer, Alex is the co-founder of Linguix.

Виталий Кухаренко
Vitaly Kukharenko

With more than 17 years of hard-earned expertise in the field of online business, Vitaly has been the creator of numerous web projects with a combined reach in excess of 1.1 million users.

Jimmy Jones
Jimmy Jones

One time chief of stock brokerage company IT department, today Jimmy leads the development process at Linguix.

Anton Baryshnikov
Anton Baryshnikov
Lead Research Engineer

Where he used to be seen heading up the development team of the world’s biggest web platform, Anton can now be found as the catalyst behind everything that is good about Linguix.

Sergey Nikolaev
Danny Wesley
Head of support

Danny is a people pleaser, which is of course the very essence of a problem-solver, let alone one as experience as gifted as our head of support.

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Andry Nosov
Dan Orlovsky
Lead designer

For more than 7 years, where major European IT media platforms required expertise in UX and web design, Dan could be found. Now bringing his considerable talents in design and research to Linguix.

Irina Alexeeva
Irina Alexeeva
Affiliate marketing expert

Looking to partner with Linguix? Irina has the experience and expertise to make that happen.

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Danny Wesley
David Kuria
Content marketing lead

Based in the Bay Area of California, our content marketing lead has a number of notable skills, particularly in the fields of language and IT. A dedicated and enthusiastic wordsmith, David has collaborated with many of the best-known online media organizations.

Susannah Squire
Susannah Squire
Senior Analytical Linguist

Susannah is our highly-regarded editor and copyrighter, with a comprehensive educational and hands-on background. Countless hours of sourcing, editing and managing web content have led to her unrivalled expertise.

Every day we are contacted by a significant number of our users with suggestions and/or queries.

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