Opposites word index In English start on letter T
and How to Use Them

to-accept, to, refuse to add vs to subtract to admit vs to deny to allow vs to forbid to agree vs to refuse, to argue to amuse vs to bore to annoy vs to satisfy to answer vs to ask to argue vs to agree to arrest vs to free, to set free to arrive vs to depart, to leave to ask vs to answer to attack vs to defend to begin vs to end, to stop, to finish to bore vs to amuse, to be interested in to borrow vs to lend to break vs to mend, to fix to build vs to destroy to buy vs to sell to catch vs to miss, to throw to close vs to open to come vs to go to connect vs to separate to continue vs to interrupt to create vs to destroy to cry (schreien) vs to whisper to cry (weinen) vs to laugh to damage vs to repair to defend vs to attack to deny vs to admit to depart vs to arrive to destroy vs to build, to create, to form to die vs to live to divide vs to unite to divorce vs to marry to emigrate vs to immigrate to end vs to begin to enjoy vs to hate to enter vs to leave to exclude vs to include to fail vs to succeed, to pass to find vs to lose to finish vs to begin to fix vs to break to follow vs to lead to forbid vs to allow, to let, to permit to forget vs to remember to form vs to destroy to free vs to arrest to freeze vs to melt to give vs to take to go vs to come, to stop to harvest vs to plant to hate vs to enjoy, to like, to love to hit vs to miss to ignore vs to notice to immigrate vs to emigrate to include vs to exclude to increase vs to reduce to be interested in vs to bore to interrupt vs to continue to land (Flugzeug) vs to take off to laugh vs to cry to lead vs to follow to learn vs to teach to leave vs to arrive, to enter to lend vs to borrow to let vs to forbid to lie vs to stand to like vs to hate to live vs to die to lose vs to find, to win to love vs to hate to lower vs to raise to marry vs to divorce to melt vs to freeze to mend vs to break to miss (verfehlen) vs to hit to miss (verpassen) vs to catch to notice vs to ignore to pass vs to fail to permit vs to forbid to plant vs to harvest to protect vs to attack to pull vs to push to push vs to pull to raise vs to lower to receive vs to send to reduce vs to increase to refuse vs to agree, to accept to remember vs to forget to repair vs to damage to reply vs to ask to rest vs to work to rise vs to sink (the) same vs different, the other to satisfy vs to annoy to save vs to spend, to waste to scream vs to whisper to sell vs to buy to send vs to receive, to save to separate vs to connect, to unite to set free vs to arrest to shout vs to whisper to shut vs to open to sink vs to rise to sit vs to stand to stand vs to sit to start vs to stop to stop vs to start, to go to stand vs to lie to succeed vs to fail to subtract vs to add to suspect vs to trust to take vs to give to take off vs to land tall vs small, short to teach vs to learn teacher vs pupil, student then vs now terrible vs lovely there vs here thick vs thin thin vs thick, fat thirsty vs hungry to throw vs to catch tight vs loose tiny vs giant, huge together vs apart tomorrow vs yesterday top vs bottom total vs partial town vs village tragedy vs comedy true vs false to trust vs to suspect to unite vs to divide, to separate to waste vs to save to whisper vs to scream, to shout to win vs to lose to work vs to rest
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