Difference between unpleasant and wretch




  1. offensive or disagreeable; causing discomfort or unhappiness


The carbonation is a little heavier than what I normally expect in a stout, but not unpleasantly so.

The unpleasant truth is that hiding behind private ownership only hides the fall in value from people who choose not to look.

Loman is a rather unpleasant figure throughout much of the play, a boastful blowhard, a bully, a coward.

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  1. performs some wicked deed
  2. someone you feel sorry for


Davenport advances, Rubin absorbs wretched start to U.S.

And I am dreading having to look the people who have witnessed my wretched performance in the eye over dinner.

Any dog not in harness was howling and yelping to be put in one, and even when harnessed they continued with their wretched wailing until they were off and running.

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