Difference between hogherd-herd and herd




  1. a group of cattle or sheep or other domestic mammals all of the same kind that are herded by humans
  2. a crowd especially of ordinary or undistinguished persons or things
  3. a group of wild mammals of one species that remain together: antelope or elephants or seals or whales or zebra


  1. move together, like a herd
  2. keep, move, or drive animals
  3. cause to herd, drive, or crowd together


Deefer took others off to see if there might not be a few plump wherries in the hills; they would make a nice change from the tough herdbeast meat, the supply of which was now virtually ex - hausted.

The herds and bands of elephants, horses, dancing girls and musicians, and scenes from the Ramayana come alive on the outer walls of the temple.

The field is still popularly associated more with tents than texts: stones, bones, and potsherds.

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