woven vs weaved vs wove

woven weaved wove


  • 1) A cloth formed by weaving. It only stretches in the bias directions (between the warp and weft directions), unless the threads are elastic.
  • 2) Material or a fabric made by weaving.
  • 3) Past participle of weave.
  • 4) Interlaced
  • 5) Fabricated by weaving.
  • 6) Made by weaving.
  • 7) made or constructed by interlacing threads or strips of material or other elements into a whole
  • 8) Past participle of weave
  • 9) p.p.ofweave.


  • 1) Simple past tense and past participle of weave (second meaning).


  • 1) Preterit and occasional past participle of weave.
  • 2) Simple past of weave.


  • 1) The floor was carpeted a deep maroon, small vases woven into the pattern, each vase with a bouquet of curling flowers.
  • 2) But he told her, too, that John's mistakes were threads woven into a larger pattern.
  • 3) Cochise was dressed in his war garments, according to some, painted for war, and wrapped in a blanket with his name woven into it, the gift of an army colonel.
  • 4) I have no idea if this is shooped -- on the one hand, it is the kind of thing a loony dictator might revel in; on the other hand, why wouldn't he get his name woven in Arabic script?
  • 5) One has a fabric of considered views that are woven from the threads of inherited traditions.
  • 6) A broad panorama of the triumphs and follies of humanity, an exploration of the quirks of the mind, of the nobility but more often the meanness and sheer malevolence of human nature, the collection was knit together by a web of self-consistent thinking, a skein of ideas woven from a lifetime of close reasoning on life, art, and literature.
  • 7) The women make wide strips and bands of different designs and colors: purses, figures of stars and portraits, in woven wool.
  • 8) He is another George Bush, a fabric woven from the Karl Rove spin machine.
  • 9) The Swedish Interactive Institute has also been developing products around this idea with their Design for Increased Energy Awareness collection, which includes the widely blogged Re: Form Energy Curtain, a drapery that stores and emits solar power in woven photovoltaic textiles.


  • 1) Watch curious turtles float towards you and fluorescent fish weave around a shipwreck.
  • 2) It is not about playing it out from the back and weaving magical patterns on the way up the pitch.
  • 3) The book weaves together four stories.
  • 4) It's all woven together here.
  • 5) But those numbers don't tell the whole story, one which is weaved around the personal dynamics of each contender.
  • 6) It processes raw fibre into yarn, which is then woven into cloth, so it has total control of the finished product.
  • 7) What a tangled web that man weaves.
  • 8) The story weaves between then and now.
  • 9) The text forms a patchwork quilt of anecdotes that weave together domesticity and philosophy.
  • 10) Then remember the sprinkling of magic that weaves around him.
  • 11) We can be caught in the very web we weave.
  • 12) The laurel and ivy are so woven together that without cutting it is impossible to force through.
  • 13) He weaves his way in and out of my legs before deciding that the best place to settle down is underneath me.
  • 14) The throw covering the from fabric woven in northern Argentina.
  • 15) You can put in a small board, but we like to make ramps from woven willow.
  • 16) Such skulduggery may be woven into the fabric of Tinseltown.
  • 17) No, woven is the way to go.
  • 18) Two weeks ago it seemed that both sides were weaving a classic Thai compromise.
  • 19) Once the flax has been stripped and crushed, the resulting fibrous residue is woven to make linen.
  • 20) The camera gets in close, weaving through the dancing bodies at a party that the host has no choice but to join.
  • 21) Soon they began weaving cloth -- not of the best quality, but strong and serviceable.
  • 22) Quite a bit of tablet weave, where you weave a pattern into the fabric, has been found.
  • 23) It is carpeted with rugs woven in conflict areas and build by volunteers and craftsmen partly trained in the Prince's workshops.
  • 24) The five musicians clustered close together, weaving in and out and applying a busy, irresistible chemistry to the vocal harmonies and complex musical parts at hand.
  • 25) His sword weaved an invisible circle around Sojan's guard and the newcomer soon had him at his mercy.
  • 26) I liked the guy, so I pulled up a kind of weaved colorful Mexican decorated chair and we talked about his small factory, his family, his life and more, over a couple of icy cold raspadas I opted to share with him on one of those real hot days you look forward to just thawing out.
  • 27) PERKINS: It kind of weaved a bit and Hagee fell off.
  • 28) He "weaved," he "sunfished" -- with every trick known to an old outlaw he tried to throw his rider, rearing finally to fall backward and mash to a pulp a bed of Mr. Cone's choicest tulips.
  • 29) They didn't completely ruin Master Roshi, and Goku kind of weaved in and out of being Goku.
  • 30) But the best revelations come when Rock examines the sodium hydroxide relaxer that turns nappy heads silky, and the origins of the shorn human hair that is "weaved" into shorter tresses to create the illusion of length and fullness.
  • 31) As a teenage boy recoiled from the sudden impact and dropped to the ground a horde of uniformed figures weaved through the crowd and wrestled Simmons to the ground.
  • 32) Sisko strolled along the path as it weaved through colorful, variegated flowerbeds, trying to let his surroundings bolster his mood further in his last few hours on Bajor.
  • 33) BLUE LIGHTS CUT through the fog as the police cruisers weaved through downtown Memphis, escorting the latecomers to the march.


  • 1) Behind her eyelids the glow of the lamps swam and wove patterns.
  • 2) As he wove in and out of the knotted trunks Nick heard the ping, ping around him with a moment's puzzlement.
  • 3) He could sense the magic shields Tewik wove about the ship; felt a probe, felt it easily rebuffed.

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