in case vs incase

in case incase


  • 1) Because X may occur
  • 2) In the event of
  • 3) Because of the possibility of


  • 1) if there happens to be need
  • 2) Alternative spelling of encase.
  • 3) enclose in, or as if in, a case
  • 4) To inclose in or as in a case; cover or surround with something.
  • 5) To inclose in a case; to inclose; to cover or surround with something solid.


  • 1) I have good Health insurance just incase is low cost because we perfect Health.
  • 2) McCain incase your forget THE USA IS fighting two wars one that was an unnessary war.
  • 3) Im gonna spectorlate that they want Bolton in incase they lose the Senate.
  • 4) Ok. ive been told that to get deployed u have to have a brother to carry your name incase you die?

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