oppose vs appose

oppose appose


  • 1) To attempt to stop the progression of.
  • 2) To present or set up in opposition; to pose.
  • 3) To object to.
  • 4) contrast with equal weight or force
  • 5) fight against or resist strongly
  • 6) be against; express opposition to
  • 7) be resistant to
  • 8) set into opposition or rivalry
  • 9) Topropose;offer.
  • 10) To be or act in opposition.
  • 11) To be hostile or resistant to; try to prevent.
  • 12) To present in counterbalance or contrast.
  • 13) To set as an opposite in position.
  • 14) To be or act in contention or conflict with.
  • 15) To be set opposite.
  • 16) obsolete To act adversely or in opposition; -- with against or to.
  • 17) To make objection or opposition in controversy.
  • 18) To put in opposition, with a view to counterbalance or countervail; to set against; to offer antagonistically.
  • 19) To place in front of, or over against; to set opposite; to exhibit.
  • 20) To resist or antagonize by physical means, or by arguments, etc.; to contend against; to confront; to resist; to withstand
  • 21) To compete with; to strive against.
  • 22) (as opposed to) In contrast to.


  • 1) obsolete, transitive To put questions to; to examine or try.
  • 2) transitive To place next or to or near to; to juxtapose.
  • 3) place side by side or in close proximity
  • 4) To bring near or next, as one thing to another; put side by side; arrange in juxtaposition.
  • 5) Specifically— To examine (a sheriff) with reference to (his) accounts. See apposer.
  • 6) To put or apply (one thing) to or near to (another).
  • 7) To oppose in discussion; bring objections or difficulties before one to be answered; examine; question; pose; puzzle.
  • 8) To place in proximity; juxtapose.
  • 9) To place in juxtaposition or proximity.
  • 10) To put questions to; to examine; to try. [Obs.] See pose.
  • 11) To place opposite or before; to put or apply (one thing to another).


  • 1) They kick to squeeze the life out of opposing teams.
  • 2) He failed to counter opposing manager's moves.
  • 3) Two opposing views emerged early.
  • 4) Wales have also opposed an Olympic team while Scotland have been at best lukewarm.
  • 5) But I strongly oppose the plans for press regulation which the Government is currently considering.
  • 6) Teaching unions and the Labour party fiercely oppose the use of unqualified teachers in schools, arguing that they are a threat to school standards.
  • 7) The society strongly opposes further fee cuts and will continue to fight them.
  • 8) Many residents are opposed to the proposed monument.
  • 9) Most international aid organisations oppose such a move.
  • 10) He would not make films in any other language and was fiercely opposed to dubbing.
  • 11) Wasps became too good for their own good at playing referees as well as opposing teams.
  • 12) The obvious opposing view hangs on the ethics of infringing the rights of an individual.
  • 13) Russia is strongly opposed to the plan.
  • 14) Many of those opposed to alternative treatment proclaimed this as a victory for conventional medicine.
  • 15) China is fiercely opposed to the plan.
  • 16) People with opposing points of view are probably in the vast majority.
  • 17) Her social workers strongly opposed it.
  • 18) But rather more were strongly opposed.
  • 19) The opposing legal teams are making closing arguments at his trial in Norway.
  • 20) Many oppose the move, preferring to continue to collect the income from them.
  • 21) But civil liberty groups and some MPs fiercely opposed the proposals last night.
  • 22) Car manufacturers will also have to carry pollution warnings on their advertising, a move they are opposed to.
  • 23) Many had opposed early elections for that reason, arguing that they should be given more time to canvass.
  • 24) When this team plays well the Bernabéu is an incredible place for us to play in and not a very nice place for opposing teams to visit.
  • 25) Their utter gall in supporting a bill that their constituants oppose is appalling.
  • 26) Or, rather, undertaking fiscal initiatives that the monetary authorities oppose is likely to be directly counterproductive.
  • 27) What I do oppose is forcing children (implicitly or explicitly) to pray to a god their religion does not recognize.
  • 28) Liberals oppose from the left and govern from the right as the old saying has it, and I saw nothing over the past few days that promises anything better.
  • 29) What I oppose is a government policy that specifically favors ownership as a mode of housing compared to renting.
  • 30) Making tough decisions that corporations and Wall Street oppose is never popular …. the poll numbers reflect how stupid some in America, like our troll really are.
  • 31) Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts - who also voted against Sotomayor's nomination to the appeals court 11 years ago - said late last month he would again oppose her.
  • 32) February 19th, 2010 at 1: 37 pm undertaking fiscal initiatives that the monetary authorities oppose is likely to be directly counterproductive.
  • 33) I've noticed over time that your disapproval of someone [you oppose] is inversely proportionate to how well they are doing in their election.
  • 34) ‘Sir W. Foster opposed any attempt to prevent the public from buying cheap food so long as it was wholesome.’
  • 35) ‘If you oppose ID cards you now also oppose measures to prevent electoral fraud.’
  • 36) ‘There were also those who opposed Rousseau's argument of women's different nature and argued instead for the social equality of women.’
  • 37) ‘I thank those members who have opposed it with incoherent arguments.’
  • 38) ‘But I don't think the paper provides any reason for opposing them; the argument has to be conducted on other grounds.’
  • 39) ‘There may be good moral arguments for opposing the smacking of children, but they are not to be found in the realm of scientific research.’
  • 40) ‘Perhaps the opponents can offer a logical argument instead of simply opposing it on the grounds of change.’
  • 41) ‘The argument of those who opposed the naming was that the countries named would decrease their efforts to carry out reforms to meet membership criteria.’
  • 42) ‘I opposed the argument in the public forum and afterwards we went into the Green Room and we continued to chat.’
  • 43) ‘Our national interest is such that we would oppose any attempt to weaken the jurisdiction of coastal states.’
  • 44) ‘I am deeply concerned about the propaganda and false arguments from those who oppose nuclear power.’
  • 45) ‘Neither opposed the Treaty using arguments based on its actual content.’
  • 46) ‘The respondent's argument opposing liability for temporary spousal support took into account only one support objective.’
  • 47) ‘Arguments opposing treatment centred on the supremacy of autonomy as an ethical principle.’
  • 48) ‘The left opposes any attempt to ban such groups.’
  • 49) ‘Anna Zuccari, know as Neera, wrote stories that described the lives of middle-class married women with sad candour; yet she opposed feminist arguments.’
  • 50) ‘That argument has to be opposed for two reasons.’
  • 51) ‘Mamabolo opposed the defence argument that there were exceptional circumstances that needed to be considered when judgment was made.’
  • 52) ‘You could see that in the faces of the people there last night and they would obviously oppose any attempt to remove him.’
  • 53) ‘This conference opposes all attempts to divide workers on national, ethnic, racial, sexual or religious grounds.’
  • 54) ‘We are striving to pave the way for a mass political movement throughout Europe that opposes the capitalist system.’
  • 55) ‘However, a cross-section of commuters, residents and commercial establishment owners are opposing the new system.’
  • 56) ‘They not only failed to understand either the work of art they were accompanying or any of the events it portrayed, but they also actively resisted and opposed the content of the film.’
  • 57) ‘Already in 1926 and 1932 workers had actively opposed the fascist regime, and now some of them were participating in the resistance.’
  • 58) ‘By 1969 American society was going through a break and people began opposing the system and the immoral war.’
  • 59) ‘And they do so while saddled with parties and trade unions that have abandoned all pretence of opposing the profit system.’
  • 60) ‘At the same time, this system was bitterly opposed by the great majority of ordinary people.’
  • 61) ‘Part of Tom's definition of evil has to do with actively opposing him and trying to steal his throne, but that's only a part of it.’
  • 62) ‘I resisted, opposing the movement with my whole self.’
  • 63) ‘This is precisely why fascists opposed these dictatorships.’
  • 64) ‘Such a struggle can only go forward if it consciously opposes the union bureaucracy and advances a socialist perspective, challenging the very basis of the profit system itself.’
  • 65) ‘This is not an accident in a situation where many sections of the working people are already actively opposing the various attacks on their social conditions.’
  • 66) ‘Black had already gained a reputation for opposing the liquor trade.’
  • 67) ‘Universities have generally opposed any attempts to organize, arguing that graduate students are students and not employees, and therefore have no right to unionize.’
  • 68) ‘Influence within Europe is at the heart of this debate and those opposing our membership of the euro must understand clearly what they are campaigning for.’
  • 69) ‘Several students have opposed the attempts to divert the campaign along divisive communal lines.’
  • 70) ‘We should oppose these attempts to force through a premature consensus.’
  • 71) ‘They came to oppose attempts by the London fire authority to remove one of the station's two engines.’
  • 72) ‘They have opposed every attempt to raise the minimum wage over the past two generations.’
  • 73) ‘James Madison in 1784 opposed an attempt by the Virginia legislature to levy a tax to support religious education.’
  • 74) ‘Some people in the party, and many of the candidates who are opposing him for the party's nomination, say he is too left wing to win a U.S. presidential election.’
  • 75) ‘I made it known that I was a candidate and nobody thought it worthwhile to oppose me.…’


  • 1) Well bumbkin boy i would rather have a gay person next to me in a fire fight then any one of you trolls here. as i would feel safer know the gay person has my back and is willing to sever as appose to you cowards who scream and yell about being patriot and american.
  • 2) Those who appose a public health insurance option are bought and paid for by the insurance lobby. dominican mama 4 Obama
  • 3) Preferably enough who appose the horrendous healthcare bill that was recently signed, so it can be overturned before causing too much damage to our nation as a whole.
  • 4) It is truly amazing how in the lack of sound rational arguments, those who appose Christianity are so quick to resort to name calling, baseless accusations, and outright lies about a persons past.
  • 5) Those who appose any form of a health care agenda in most cases will be defeated financially – big time.
  • 6) What I don't get is those people who appose abortion, many of them also appose the health care initiative.
  • 7) Also, people believe that the one person (or nation) can increase his wealth only by taking wealth from others, so they appose free trade and most free market ideas.
  • 8) Those senators who appose him should be fired or retired or both.
  • 9) ‘Epithelioid cells were closely apposed with interdigitating cytoplasmic processes, occasional desmosome-like functional complexes, and uniform, narrow intercellular spaces.’
  • 10) ‘In one case, the anaplastic carcinoma was closely apposed to malignant lymphoma, large cell type, of B-cell phenotype; this case was considered to represent a collision tumor.’
  • 11) ‘In contrast, in all tef cells in which the sex chromosomes could be identified, they were closely apposed in a configuration not discernibly different from wild type.’
  • 12) ‘External pressure dressing was then applied to the stoma while apposing the skin edges to hasten spontaneous wound closure.’
  • 13) ‘In the way that he apposes the images and varies the pauses, he draws us into the evening's movement and its paradoxically calming effect.’

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