travelling vs traveling

travelling traveling


  • 1) action of the verb to travel
  • 2) the act of going from one place to another
  • 3) that travels (with one)
  • 4) Present participle of travel.


  • 1) basketball A violation committed by progressing while holding the ball instead of dribbling it.
  • 2) The act of laboring; labor; toil.
  • 3) Motion of any kind; change of place; passage.
  • 4) The act of making a journey, especially in foreign countries.
  • 5) Itinerant;peddling.


  • 1) She had been travelling miles to work: he was using the garage for a workshop.
  • 2) I always had some idea you were a travelling salesman, always writing to you at a box number.
  • 3) ‘He later discovered two travelling clocks and a signet ring, family heirlooms worth £700 and £200 in cash were missing.’


  • 1) He'll just have a little extra traveling to do.
  • 2) While good at naming species, he was not good at traveling.
  • 3) ome people love journeys and so they are always traveling from one place to the next

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