hooray vs hurray

hooray hurray


  • 1) An expression of excitement.
  • 2) A shout to signify victory.
  • 3) A shout of “hooray.”
  • 4) Excitement; fanfare.
  • 5) To shout an expression of excitement.
  • 6) To shout “hooray.”
  • 7) To applaud, cheer, or approve (someone or something) by shouting “hooray.”
  • 8) Used to express approval, joy or victory.


  • 1) transitive, intransitive To cheer with a "hurray".
  • 2) Alternative spelling of hurrah.


  • 1) Maybe he'd run a fever; then he wouldn't be able to go to school Monday, hooray.
  • 2) First I thought hooray no school but the office called to tell everyone class as usual today.
  • 3) The full tracklisting is provided handily on the back in English, hooray!
  • 4) I'm no hipster, but even I know that the word "hooray" should NEVER be used except ironically.
  • 5) The diagram is more about actions one should take to be in the "hooray" zone, more so than fitting a certain job into these categories.
  • 6) So "hooray" for SecondLife - you've just told me that a simple honest person paying cash can NOT pay for an account. --so it seems from this end of the wire.
  • 7) Millions of ruined knees shout "hooray" or they would, if knees had mouths.
  • 8) And when they turned in the drive and Teddy and Hal walked off to the barn, the sleighbells jingling like Christmas chimes in the air, they shouted "hooray" again, one and all.
  • 9) But recognizing directly that it was land, he cried out "hooray" which is the English exclamation of joy or applause, and asked for some drink money.
  • 10) "hooray!" replied the crowd, and a feeble "hooray"'was heard from between the logs of old Miller's hut.


  • 1) I feel sorry for father, but here's a hurray for beef - especially bulgogi!

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