toward vs towards

toward towards


  • 1) obsolete Future; to come.
  • 2) dated Approaching, coming near; impending; present, at hand.
  • 3) Yielding, pliant; docile; ready or apt to learn; not froward.
  • 4) Promising, likely; froward.
  • 5) Ready to act; forward; bold; valiant.
  • 6) Approaching; coming near.
  • 7) Readly to do or learn; compliant with duty; not froward; apt; docile; tractable.
  • 8) Near; at hand; in state of preparation.
  • 9) Inthedirectionof.
  • 10) For the purpose of attaining (an aim).
  • 11) Located close to; near (a time or place).
  • 12) Moving in the direction of (but not necessarily arriving at).
  • 13) In relation to (someone or something).
  • 14) In furtherance or partial fulfillment of.
  • 15) In a position facing.
  • 16) Somewhat before in time.
  • 17) With regard to; in relation to.
  • 18) In the direction of.
  • 19) By way of achieving; with a view to.
  • 20) Near; about; approaching to.
  • 21) Tending to; in the direction of; in behalf of.
  • 22) With direction to, in a moral sense; with respect or reference to; regarding; concerning.
  • 23) In the direction of; to.


  • 1) obsolete Near; at hand; in state of preparation; toward.
  • 2) obsolete In the direction of something (indicated by context).
  • 3) Sameastoward.
  • 4) Sameastoward,a.,1.
  • 5) Variant of toward.
  • 6) See toward.


  • 1) The decline in violence might suggest an uninterrupted tide of progress toward a civilised society.
  • 2) Progress toward a whole product is the critical feedback mechanism of partnership.
  • 3) Has progress been made toward the goal?
  • 4) Times for periodic review of my performance and progress toward that call should also have been spelled out.
  • 5) Thereafter he moved rapidly toward the left; soon he was calling himself a socialist.
  • 6) Peg took a democratic attitude toward clients; wealth mattered more than class.
  • 7) The main one is that we can't make real progress toward full equality in the workplace until we do the same at home.
  • 8) At present everything seems tending toward the relaxation of ties, —toward the substitution of wayward choice for the adherence to obligation, which has its roots in the past.
  • 9) I could not help being moved, and glanced over toward the daughter's seat; but she was gone, and, turning round, I saw her going quietly, almost stealthily, and very quickly, _toward the cove_.
  • 10) "Peddler" could be just what it takes to get the wheels turning on a rethink of gender expectations in commitment, and also a label toward which some men may not want to steer, so instead, put on the breaks.


  • 1) What has been taken on board constructively was the criticism of their attitude towards games.
  • 2) towards the end of his life he surveyed early railway routes.
  • 3) We are just all working towards making something.
  • 4) This was a company with a very casual attitude towards safety.
  • 5) There was a nice moment towards the end.
  • 6) The report also uncovered other alarming attitudes towards international cyber espionage.
  • 7) The northwest could be subject to some showers towards the end of the week that will then edge south.
  • 8) Missed a sitter towards the end.
  • 9) I would also expect that his attitude towards protectionism will be considerably more measured than his election campaign.
  • 10) I don't see it as something standing in front of you but something pushing you towards a goal.
  • 11) You are now probably pointing towards something behind you.
  • 12) Was it away from or towards something?
  • 13) Put the money saved towards something special like a weekend away.
  • 14) Coming towards them is something absolutely remorseless and absolutely terrifying.
  • 15) The underlying issue is that society has changed in its attitude towards disability.
  • 16) Anyone aspiring to sophistication learnt that the smart attitude to adopt towards their home city was disdain.
  • 17) There are players coming back from injury now and they will be getting stronger as we head towards the end of the season.
  • 18) That's how the first fight went towards the end.
  • 19) Banks are not out of the woods, but are inching towards something that resembles normality.
  • 20) More disturbing is your penny-pinching attitude towards tissues.
  • 21) Is it a feeling, an attitude you have towards somebody or a set of behaviours?
  • 22) Above all, remember that it is essential to keep a flexible attitude towards your eating patterns.
  • 23) He always does things before me, but it is good because it gives me something to strive towards.
  • 24) King seems to view violence towards animals as something akin to the abuse humans inflict on one another, an aberration.
  • 25) This pays something towards transporting policyholders to an area where skiing is possible, or compensation if skiing is not possible at all.
  • 26) I also learnt that as you got towards the end of the week the laughs came easier as the working week drew towards its end.
  • 27) She added: 'He had his hand out pointing something towards me.
  • 28) She would want him to have a chance to be a better person, to have hope, to have something to work towards.
  • 29) It wasn't until towards the end I felt it was compromising it.
  • 30) A sense of trying to do something, striving towards it, then being blocked.
  • 31) Cambridge represented getting away from an intensely depressing environment and going towards something that I'd always wanted.
  • 32) As illustrated in the case of the disengaging pallet, however, the motion is also towards the line of centers AB, and _towards_ the tooth as well, all of which will be seen by the dotted circles MM2 and NN2, representing the paths of the pallets.
  • 33) Note the form of the exhortation, 'exercise thyself _towards_ godliness,' which involves the same thought as is expressed in Paul's other utterance of irrepressible aspiration and effort, 'Not as if I had already attained, either were already perfect, but I follow after,' or as he had just said, 'press towards the mark,' in continual approximation to the ideal.
  • 34) It is not simplicity _in_ Christ, but _towards_ Christ of which the Apostle is speaking; not a quality in Him, but a quality in _us_ towards Him.
  • 35) _Sad as death, I am going towards the meadow, in order to my approach towards_ Sylvia, _the world affording no repose to me, but when I am where the dear charmer is_.
  • 36) The circumstance of the Niger's flowing towards the east, and its collateral points, did not, however, excite my surprise; for although I had left Europe in great hesitation on this subject, and rather believed that it ran in the contrary direction, I had made such frequent inquiries during my progress concerning this river, and received from negroes of different nations such clear and decisive assurance that its general course was _towards the rising sun_, as scarce left any doubt on my mind; and more especially as I knew that Major Houghton had collected similar information in the same manner.
  • 37) The circumstance of the Niger's flowing towards the east and its collateral points did not, however, excite my surprise; for although I had left Europe in great hesitation on this subject, and rather believed that it ran in the contrary direction, I had made such frequent inquiries during my progress concerning this river, and received from Negroes of different nations such clear and decisive assurances that its general course was _towards the rising sun_, as scarce left any doubt on my mind; and more especially, as I knew that Major Houghton had collected similar information in the same manner.
  • 38) Niger's flowing towards the east did not excite my surprise, for although I had left Europe in great hesitation on this subject, I had received from the negroes clear assurances that its general course was _towards the rising sun_. "
  • 39) Kemble), 155; ic þā lēode wāt gē wið fēond gē wið frēond fæste geworhte (_towards foe and friend_), 1865; hēold hēah-lufan wið hæleða brego (_cherished high love towards the prince of heroes_), 1955; wið ord and wið ecge ingang forstōd (_prevented entrance to spear-point and sword-edge_), 1550. b) _against, on, upon, in_: setton sīde scyldas ... wið þæs recedes weal (_against the wall of the hall_), 326; wið eorðan fæðm
  • 40) Kemble), 155; ic þâ leóde wât ge wið feónd ge wið freónd fäste geworhte (_towards foe and friend_), 1865; heóld heáh-lufan wið häleða brego (_cherished high love towards the prince of heroes_), 1955; wið ord and wið ecge ingang forstôd (_prevented entrance to spear-point and sword-edge_), 1550. b) _against, on, upon, in_: setton sîde scyldas ... wið þäs recedes weal (_against the wall of the hall_), 326; wið eorðan fäðm
  • 41) But the thing uttered by the speaker I strain towards is still not quite the story of what is going on; it is more reflexive than that, because as a poet I am in fact straining towards a strain, seeking repose in the stability conferred by a musically satisfying order of sounds.
  • 42) ‘Both vehicles were travelling in the same direction, from Pickering towards Thornton-le-Dale.’
  • 43) ‘All three vehicles were travelling towards York from the direction of Pocklington at the time of the accident.’
  • 44) ‘Fearing for her safety, she changed direction and walked towards Faraday Road.’
  • 45) ‘Both men then ran off in the direction of Cravewood Road towards Cheetham Hill shopping parade.’
  • 46) ‘However, there is a mother running in the opposite direction towards her family.’
  • 47) ‘I crunched my way in a south easterly direction towards the first of two subsidiary tops.’
  • 48) ‘Stephen's new pad is located out towards the Enniskerry direction of Dublin.’
  • 49) ‘Several curious onlookers turn their heads towards the direction of the laughter.’
  • 50) ‘I watched her and walked in the opposite direction, towards my father's house.’
  • 51) ‘People start running towards us from both directions, clearly intent on rescue.’
  • 52) ‘As they broke out, moving in a southwesterly direction towards the foothills, they were met with artillery fire.’
  • 53) ‘All four turned in the direction of John running towards them waving a piece of paper in his hand.’
  • 54) ‘I started towards the direction of his house when a broken down blue truck pulled up next to me.’
  • 55) ‘Toni made a mocking snicker and turned back in the other direction towards the school.’
  • 56) ‘They ran off in different directions - one towards the car, and the other into the reserve.’
  • 57) ‘He sighed hopelessly as he slowly began to walk back towards the direction he came from.’
  • 58) ‘She grabbed the boy's arm but he waved her away and took off towards the other direction.’
  • 59) ‘A spired tower rose on the horizon, and I altered my direction slightly to head towards it.’
  • 60) ‘He took a few breaths of the air and dragged himself towards the direction of the shops.’
  • 61) ‘An employee of the plant recognised the forklift truck as it was driven down the road towards William Street and called the police.’
  • 62) ‘For those of you who have worked towards or achieved this goal was it a permanent thing or a temporary experience?’
  • 63) ‘Many assume evolution works towards achieving a certain goal, like intelligence.’
  • 64) ‘What is the power of any president to move towards his goals if there will be thousands killed, half of them children?’
  • 65) ‘Those same countries will be moving even faster towards political as well as financial integration.’
  • 66) ‘Setting out future goals is a pointless task if steps are not taken towards achieving them.’
  • 67) ‘We can begin to move from political radicalisation towards the industrial radicalisation that is just beginning.’
  • 68) ‘We have to now move towards mass political action and I don't mean just blockades.’
  • 69) ‘This energetic new group is locked on a mission for fame and are moving in leaps and bounds towards their goal.’
  • 70) ‘If we believe it now we will never move towards achieving minimum labour standards internationally.’
  • 71) ‘He spent a year as a novice working towards this goal, which was achieved in 1608.’
  • 72) ‘The authors have signalled their intention to move towards an annual political review.’
  • 73) ‘All the children are working towards their own individual goals.’
  • 74) ‘Tomorrow night they will headline the venue - and take another step towards achieving their ambitions.’
  • 75) ‘It can do nothing more than react to difficulties because it has no overriding or higher goal towards which it is striving.’
  • 76) ‘A celebrity football match helped a school head towards its fund raising goal.’
  • 77) ‘We have commitment from all staff, in both clinical and supporting areas, to work towards common goals.’
  • 78) ‘For the first time I felt part of a team working towards some goals, and felt the company was actually organised!’
  • 79) ‘A cherished memory from almost 20 years ago has helped keep her heading towards her goal.’
  • 80) ‘All I can do is work towards these goals, and do my utmost to make things work.’
  • 81) ‘He admitted that he was no more king of the waves than he was king of the country, but he was keen to work towards both goals.’
  • 82) ‘The law is, of course, important in defining public attitudes towards particular types of behaviour.’
  • 83) ‘The website suggests a no-nonsense attitude towards unruly behaviour on the court.’
  • 84) ‘It was put to you that it has previously been necessary to speak to you about your attitude and behaviour towards female colleagues.’
  • 85) ‘There is a wider disagreement between us concerning the attitude towards power that we on the left should adopt.’
  • 86) ‘Where it differs is in the state's attitude towards the behaviour of its immigrants.’
  • 87) ‘It was tempting to condemn him for his attitude and his behaviour towards the girl.’
  • 88) ‘Stereotypes should be challenged and unhealthy attitudes towards relationships with women revised.’
  • 89) ‘The film's attitude towards death movingly, but objectively, strikes the right note.’
  • 90) ‘The difference lies in their attitudes towards death and that's just the beginning.’
  • 91) ‘Our attitudes towards life intermix, along with our attitudes towards relationships.’
  • 92) ‘Cecil was a staunch Protestant but, like the king, took a relatively tolerant attitude towards Catholics.’
  • 93) ‘In fact her uninhibited attitude towards sex and relationships often catches the people around her unawares.’
  • 94) ‘Her attitude towards men and relationships was frustrating to say the least.’
  • 95) ‘Today the changes in the way women live have led to a seismic shift in attitudes towards sex and family relationships.’
  • 96) ‘Attitudes towards the relationship between genius and madness are a good example.’
  • 97) ‘Do you practice a certain kind of diet or a certain attitude towards relationships and so forth?’
  • 98) ‘I believe however that I was misquoted regarding my attitudes towards the school system.’
  • 99) ‘The frenzied urgency of the announcement reveals another interesting aspect of his attitude towards the job.’
  • 100) ‘It is that philosophy which informs his attitude towards technology.’
  • 101) ‘The school's attitude towards the buses is part of its positive discipline policy introduced three years ago.’
  • 102) ‘In-Step does offer a small grant towards the cost of the stay, which should ensure no-one is out of pocket.’
  • 103) ‘Surely, if the technology is there, the government could use its windfall to give grants towards the cost.’
  • 104) ‘There are grants available towards costs incurred while developing a business idea.’
  • 105) ‘These are some of your contributions towards the costs of providing residential aged care.’
  • 106) ‘The boards failed to apply the rule properly and reduced a nursing home grant towards the cost of living in a home.’
  • 107) ‘The grant is towards the cost of computer training courses for lone parents and disabled people.’
  • 108) ‘Arguably, these poorer students deserve some sort of grant towards their living costs.’
  • 109) ‘Furthermore, many lenders will make a contribution towards remortgaging costs by paying solicitor fees.’
  • 110) ‘Now villagers at Elvington are hoping City of York Council will make its own contribution towards the costs.’
  • 111) ‘Parents will be able to claim towards any out-of-hours childcare costs through the working families tax credit.’
  • 112) ‘Parents will get some help towards the cost of childcare - if they earn less than £59,000.’
  • 113) ‘The national lottery money will be put towards the total cost of the project, which is £768,000.’
  • 114) ‘The national centre will receive £13 million towards running costs over the first ten years.’
  • 115) ‘The raffle raised £873 to help towards the cost of replacing the stolen items.’
  • 116) ‘I understand from speaking to Sylvia that in certain cases funding may be available towards the cost of these courses.’
  • 117) ‘The aim was to raise up to £2,000 towards the cost of books, DVDs and videos for the school library.’
  • 118) ‘The event raised more than £2,300 towards the cost of art and sports equipment.’
  • 119) ‘Each first responder group has to help raise money towards the cost of the team's first aid kit that is held by whichever member is on duty.’
  • 120) ‘They also declined a prosecution application for her to pay £120 towards the costs of the case.’
  • 121) ‘The ministry would not discuss whether it would help towards the cost of flying bereaved families to America.’

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