later vs latter

later latter


  • 1) A brick or tile.
  • 2) Coming afterward in time (used with than when comparing with another time).
  • 3) At some time in the future.
  • 4) comparative form of late: more late
  • 5) Compar. of late, a. & adv.
  • 6) at or toward an end or late period or stage of development
  • 7) Afterward in time (used with than when comparing with another time).
  • 8) At some unspecified time in the future.
  • 9) Subsequently; afterward. Often used with on.
  • 10) comparative of the `late'
  • 11) at some eventual time in the future
  • 12) slang Dismissive term to minimize importance of an annoying persons.
  • 13) slang See you later; goodbye.
  • 14) Informal Used to express goodbye.


  • 1) The second of two persons or things mentioned.
  • 2) the second of two or the second mentioned of two
  • 3) relating to or being the second of two items
  • 4) close (or closer) to the present time
  • 5) near (or nearer) to the end
  • 6) Near or nearer to the end.
  • 7) Being the second of two persons or things mentioned.
  • 8) Further advanced in time or sequence; later.
  • 9) Later; more recent; coming or happening after something else; -- opposed to former.
  • 10) Of two things, the one mentioned second.
  • 11) rare Last; latest; final.
  • 12) the last part of the spring of the year.
  • 13) the last part of the harvest.
  • 14) Recent; modern.
  • 15) referring to the second of two things or persons mentioned (or the last one or ones of several)
  • 16) Last;latest;final.


  • 1) My wife said to tell me she'd be back on a later plane than the five o'clock one.
  • 2) A moment later a woman appeared at a corner of the room in which they sat.
  • 3) Sooner or later, Cratyn was bound to give into the Dukes ' pressure to exclude her, agreement or no agreement.
  • 4) Seconds later, an article on career day from last year came on-screen.
  • 5) ‘She sent two friends in her place to hand over a couple of envelopes - one with a letter saying that it's all over, cheers, laters, the other containing a birthday card.’
  • 6) ‘I'm so excited about uploading pics - so excited that I'm gonna post and upload right now - laters.’
  • 7) ‘‘Ah well, laters,’ he called as he walked off towards a group of people in the gallery.’


  • 1) Examples of the latter two objects are depicted in the show as well.
  • 2) Some enlightened officers already do the latter part of this work voluntarily.
  • 3) He came at me strong in the latter stages.
  • 4) Of the latter, half had been granted amnesty and the other half were undergoing more screening.
  • 5) We've all tried for the former and ended up with the latter many a time.
  • 6) The latter can counteract anxiety and agitation, and has been shown to rise after yoga and meditation.
  • 7) Somehow, you feel the place in the coaching Valhalla matters more to the former than the latter.
  • 8) Challenging the former can play a significant part in ending the latter.
  • 9) My feeling at the time was the latter.
  • 10) This in a country obsessed with the latter two.
  • 11) The latter part of this story left me with a sinking feeling.
  • 12) You can convert the latter into verbs or adverbs.
  • 13) The latter forlornly takes centre stage while the latter prompts his lines.
  • 14) Yet it has proved so much easier to do the former than the latter.
  • 15) The latter refers to the mirror that literature holds up to life.
  • 16) The latter two were adapted into acclaimed films.
  • 17) But things are looking up for the latter part of the year.
  • 18) The latter he can do more quickly.
  • 19) By the latter stages both sides were content to see out time.
  • 20) The former outsold the latter about four to one.
  • 21) The latter two have no experience running prisons.
  • 22) The latter can be measured by the employment entropy index.
  • 23) It was only when he loosened up in the latter stages of the fourth set that he really ran away from me.
  • 24) But snow is not unusual for the latter half of November.
  • 25) Predictably, the latter ends up scheduled before the former.
  • 26) The first failed to recover in time, the latter retired from the international game.
  • 27) The latter part of the year brings health solutions to some areas, so hang on in there.
  • 28) But in the latter half of this year he has finally got to grips with the car and has consistently outperformed the younger man.
  • 29) I suspect in the end the latter argument will win out.
  • 30) Will they be a safe haven this year or an uncertain refuge in times of trouble, as in the latter half of last year?
  • 31) The latter regarded the former as inftru - ments of power* wifliing ro pay their court to the Mother Countiyf by curbing the fpirit of American freedom* and the fornex kept a flridl eye on the latter* left they might fmooth the way to independency* at which they were charged, with aiming.
  • 32) If my read of my neighbors plate is accurate, the latter translates as cold hash browns.
  • 33) Luckily for us lazy Linux geeks the latter is automagically put in if you use tab auto-completion.
  • 34) But the faculty of judgment normally prevents us from falling into mere free - association mode: the latter is the stuff of paranoia and conspiracy theories.
  • 35) Henrik Pontén (Swedish Anti-Piracy Bureau), Monique Wadsted (movie industry lawyer) and Peter Danowsky (IFPI) – the latter is also a member of the board of the association.
  • 36) With (500) Days, Sin Nombre and A Serious Man in competition, Precious really didn't deserve to win either best film or best director (the latter is a total joke, the directing was by far the weakest part of the movie, I mean, compare that to the job that the Coens did)
  • 37) You seem to be confusing Congress exercising direct willpower over the world versus merely exercising direct willpower over itself, and the latter is actually something it can straightforwardly do.
  • 38) Furthermore, if the latter is the case then other retailers are benefitting from Wal Mart's higher tax payments.
  • 39) * It's easier to prove a global warming trend than "changing the climate" since the latter is a convoluted concept.
  • 40) ‘The real significance was the difference in tone and style between the beginning of his speech and the latter half.’
  • 41) ‘Violent times for the poor reigned in the latter half of the last century and into the beginning of this one.’
  • 42) ‘Joining in the programme in the latter half, she will talk about her career, her father and her music.’
  • 43) ‘Good fishing reported in the latter half of the week with good hatches of olives and mayflies all over the lake.’
  • 44) ‘Well, Quine was probably the most important theorist of knowledge of the latter half of the twentieth century.’
  • 45) ‘Somehow, I managed to get away with only posting on here almost once a month for the latter half of the year.’
  • 46) ‘So we did eat quite well, like when we were on the latter half of the tour.’
  • 47) ‘The Haldiram saga was also well mapped, but I did nod off towards the latter half.’
  • 48) ‘You spent the first half of the week recalling the previous weekend and the latter half wishing the week forward to the next.’
  • 49) ‘Indeed, if you do not, I would suggest that most of the latter half of the book would be unrelenting in its dullness.’
  • 50) ‘The company was initially keen to establish export markets, a policy which has paid off in the latter half of this century.’
  • 51) ‘In the latter half of the 1990s there has been some waning of political focus on the issue of immigration.’
  • 52) ‘Asparagus was not grown on a large scale in N. America until the latter half of the 19th century.’
  • 53) ‘The latter half of the book - on the necessity and the nature of missions - is heavier going.’
  • 54) ‘The freight and passenger traffic is greater in the latter part of the week than at the beginning of the week.’
  • 55) ‘In the latter stages of cooking add water chestnuts, small corns, green beans and a tin of coconut milk.’
  • 56) ‘Had he missed the goal that point would have been very important in the latter stages of the game.’
  • 57) ‘My mother is in the latter stages of pregnancy and her health is extremely weak.’
  • 58) ‘In the latter half of the 1840s, Britain was plunged into deep depression.’
  • 59) ‘The latter half of my previous letter, will in part, explain why.’
  • 60) ‘The latter event came closest to threatening the singer's customary composure.’
  • 61) ‘I mention the latter because of what we both saw under a tree some distance from us.’
  • 62) ‘If dealer does the latter, a second round of bidding occurs in which eldest hand has the right to name the trump suit.’
  • 63) ‘To be or not to be - I'm rubbish at the former, and the latter isn't an option.’
  • 64) ‘At present, I would say the balance of possibilities is tending towards the latter option.’
  • 65) ‘I took the latter option, and less than a month later found myself a new job with my current employer.’
  • 66) ‘If you were honest, you probably identified more with the latter option in each case.’
  • 67) ‘Nevertheless, it is to the latter that we will turn, and to which the second half of this chapter will be devoted.’
  • 68) ‘A lucky shot from the second assassin finally killed the ambassador as the latter ran off.’
  • 69) ‘In football, the latter part of the equation does not seem to apply.’
  • 70) ‘If anything, the emphasis has shifted progressively from the latter to the former.’
  • 71) ‘Of course, the 1979 constitution subordinated the latter to the former.’
  • 72) ‘The latter in turn, blamed the shoppers who barged in without paying heed to instructions.’
  • 73) ‘Oddly enough, I find the latter to be a more important bit of news.’
  • 74) ‘We are still clinging tenaciously to the latter at the expense of the former.’
  • 75) ‘On the whole, I think that this campaign tends toward the latter at the expense of the former.’

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