boiled vs broiled

boiled broiled


  • 1) colloquial angry
  • 2) of water having reached the boiling point
  • 3) colloquial drunk
  • 4) Cooked in boiling water.
  • 5) Dressed or cooked by boiling; subjected to the action of a boiling liquid.
  • 6) Simple past tense and past participle of boil.
  • 7) Prepared by being subjected to the heat of boiling water: sometimes substantively (from its use as a heading on bills of fare) for meat dressed or cooked by boiling: as, “a great piece of cold boiled,”
  • 8) Raised to the boiling-point.


  • 1) cooked by direct exposure to radiant heat.
  • 2) Simple past tense and past participle of broil.


  • 1) When the kettle boiled he poured hot water into his thermos.
  • 2) I don't know what's up with her these days.' His sense of injustice boiled over.
  • 3) After they have boiled until tender and the water _boiled nearly out_, add pepper and salt, a tablespoonful of butter and a half a cup of cream; if you have not the cream add more butter.
  • 4) -- What may be termed high-class mashed potatoes are made by mashing up ordinary boiled potatoes with a little milk _previously boiled_, a little butter, and passing the whole through a wire sieve, when
  • 5) Being once in town, with one son (then a little boy) and a clerk, while my family was in the country, I had during some weeks nothing but legs of mutton; first day, leg of mutton boiled or _roasted_; second, _cold_; third, _hashed_; then, leg of mutton _boiled_; and so on.
  • 6) In fact they are using an affectionate piece of rhyming slang: boiled is short for boiled bean,
  • 7) There was this other syndrome that happens which they call the boiled frog syndrome, where things get worse in these fine calibrations.
  • 8) She filled our crystal goblets with bubbly root beer and heaped the bone china plates with what we call boiled dinner down home.
  • 9) You can find the recipe, here, if you want to mock how ridiculous it is to fill an angel food cake with lemon curd and then, smother the whole shebang in boiled icing.
  • 10) NICE GUYS FINISH FIRSTA study was published this week, and the investigation (as with previous studies this year on height, education, work, age and heart disease) again boiled down to the question of how to get more sex.


  • 1) The shade of the buildings guarded sprawled stevedores who, rather than slow broil on the hot ground, lay across wooden pallets sleeping.
  • 2) If you prefer, you can broil them and then smother them with the sauce.
  • 3) I am quite happy to have fried fish and chips out, or to take it home ready made, but there's nothing I'd like better than a plain broiled skate wing with butter and capers.
  • 4) The foreigner, who was supping on a Crail-capon (in other words a broiled haddock) and stoup of Bourdeaux wine, arose at their entrance, and bowed with, an air that was undisguisedly continental.
  • 5) The deal was to be part-paid in Thai broiled chicken, but the meat is said to have never reached Austria; the vehicles were allegedly made in Thailand and not Austria as agreed, according to details of the case on the Thai parliamentary website.
  • 6) He recalled a broiled sea bass looking up at him with mournful eyes.
  • 7) Menus hardly ever show "broiled" anything in the UK.
  • 8) And from the reckless way they were tacklin 'big platters of expensive food, such as broiled live lobster and planked steaks, I judged they'd been mustered out more or less recent.
  • 9) She likes to flip through cooking magazines and recipe books, looking at glossy pictures of cupcakes or strange Japanese dishes, such as broiled salamander on a stick.

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