strived vs strove

strived strove


  • 1) UK Simple past tense and past participle of strive.
  • 2) Striven.


  • 1) Simple past of strive.
  • 2) imp.ofstrive.
  • 3) Preteritofstrive.


  • 1) She strove to make a home in difficult circumstances.
  • 2) We work hard to strive for the things we want.
  • 3) You have to keep striving for more.
  • 4) She strove for something better than she had known in her childhood.
  • 5) The standards they set are something we still strive for here now.
  • 6) We must strive to get it right.
  • 7) My goal is to continue to strive to make good music that touches people.
  • 8) It also strives too hard for impact.
  • 9) We are going to keep striving to get better.
  • 10) Setting numerical goals gives you something to strive for.
  • 11) Governments and families must strive to ensure that they are fulfilling.
  • 12) Nor had it implanted itself in the public consciousness as something worth striving for.
  • 13) But it must tirelessly strive to be relevant to the people who use it.
  • 14) The company has been striving to keep details of the phone secret.
  • 15) It is certainly something we will strive towards.
  • 16) Banks must strive to balance assets and liabilities in countries that might devalue.
  • 17) We've always put a lot into our shows and always strive to make the experience better.
  • 18) Yet they fought hard, striving for an equaliser.
  • 19) The vast maJority will turn up and strive hard for a positive outcome.
  • 20) During a period of industrialization, those who hold power strive to make of their subjects valuable workers.
  • 21) I understand his sentiments and you should certainly strive hard to declare with his sort of hand.
  • 22) In recent years, science and religion have come more and more into alliance through their common striving for peace.
  • 23) The grocer's daughter would have been striving to make life easier for those who want to run their own businesses.
  • 24) In societies which are striving for peace, not war, then they are a liability.


  • 1) Now all that must be curtailed for the sake of the political alliance his mother strove to forge.
  • 2) Her breathing was short, hard, burning pants now, as she strove to fight down the terror welling up within.
  • 3) Fancy fretted, at the same time she strove to perform all her wifely functions perfectly.
  • 4) Saturday he strove from the outset to impose his superiority.
  • 5) Some shook with superstitious dread; others, driven to atheistical despair, with horrible execrations, again strove to force a passage through the doors.
  • 6) While Edwin strove to guess who could be the inventor of so dire a falsehood against the truest of Scots, he awakened an alarm in Wallace for Bruce, which could not be excited for himself, by suggesting that perhaps some intimation had been given to the most ambitious of the abthanes, respecting the arrival of their rightful prince.
  • 7) WHEN the first violence of this paroxysm of sorrow abated, Camilla again strove to pray, and found that nothing so much stilled her.
  • 8) We had many family quarrels about it, and they began in time to grow up to a dangerous height; for as I was quite estranged form my husband (as he was called) in affection, so I took no heed to my words, but sometimes gave him language that was provoking; and, in short, strove all I could to bring him to a parting with me, which was what above all things in the world I desired most.
  • 9) The Knights of the Sword strove for independence and tried to establish themselves in Esthonia.
  • 10) The mate made no attempt to conceal his opinion of his superior's peril, and in gloomy terms strove to put the full horror of his position before him.
  • 11) Now wrestlers in the Olympian games were naked, and anointed with oil to make them sleek and glibbery, so to afford no holdfast to such as strove with them.

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