plantains vs banana

plantains banana


  • 1) An elongated curved fruit, which grows in bunches, and has a sweet creamy flesh and a smooth yellow skin.
  • 2) mildly pejorative, slang, ethnic slur A person of Asian descent, especially a Chinese American, who has assimilated into Western culture or married a Caucasian (from the “yellow” outside and “white” inside). Compare coconut ("assimilated Hispanic or Black").
  • 3) uncountable A yellow colour, like that of a banana's skin.
  • 4) The tropical treelike plant which bears clusters of bananas. The plant, of the genus Musa, has large, elongated leaves and is related to the plantain.
  • 5) The elongated, edible fruit of these plants, having a thick yellowish to reddish skin and whitish, pulpy flesh.
  • 6) Any of several treelike plants of the genus Musa, especially M. acuminata, having a terminal crown of large, entire leaves and a hanging cluster of fruits.
  • 7) (Bot.) A perennial herbaceous plant of almost treelike size (Musa sapientum); also, its edible fruit. See musa.
  • 8) (Zoöl.) a small bird of tropical America, of the genus Certhiola, allied to the creepers.
  • 9) (Zoöl.) a small American bird (Icterus leucopteryx), which feeds on the banana.
  • 10) elongated crescent-shaped yellow fruit with soft sweet flesh
  • 11) any of several tropical and subtropical treelike herbs of the genus Musa having a terminal crown of large entire leaves and usually bearing hanging clusters of elongated fruits
  • 12) An endogenous plant of the genus Musa, M. sapientum, now cultivated for its fruit everywhere in the tropics.
  • 13) Also called false banana.
  • 14) The papaw.
  • 15) Curved like a banana, especially of a ball in flight.


  • 1) Chop bananas and apples and freeze them for smoothies too.
  • 2) First he must avoid slipping on another banana skin against Wolves.
  • 3) No makes me go bananas!
  • 4) There's only so many bananas you can eat, the odd lolly is nice.
  • 5) That way you won't be paying extra for a bad apple or for bananas you don't get round to eating.
  • 6) I've got it... banana skins.
  • 7) We finished with toffee apples and toffee bananas.
  • 8) The banana provides one serving of fruit.
  • 9) Store your bananas in a fruit bowl and not the fridge to make them last longer.
  • 10) Perhaps having just miraculously avoided stepping on a banana skin?
  • 11) But will the judges go bananas for them?
  • 12) You can learn a lot about life and human anatomy from eating a banana.
  • 13) Just last week a banana skin was left on her car windscreen.
  • 14) But do think the world has gone bananas.
  • 15) Nor is it a dream after eating bananas at bedtime.
  • 16) After being taken away he calmed and asked for a banana and an apple.
  • 17) Planet fashion is going bananas for fruit prints again this season.
  • 18) It could have potentially been a banana skin.
  • 19) Use long banana shallots if possible - they are sweeter.
  • 20) What's yellow and banana with a cold!
  • 21) The colours were banana yellow, electric blue.
  • 22) England breezed home by 119 runs and one potential banana skin was avoided.
  • 23) She'd go bananas if it was the other way round.
  • 24) A banana has become somewhat ubiquitous.
  • 25) Peel 8 banana shallots, slice them in half and unfurl the layers.
  • 26) My first car was a banana yellow Mini Metro.
  • 27) You can't do a tar barrel at an office party in central London so you become a banana instead.
  • 28) They contain vitamins and tasty sugars, and the word banana comes from an Arab-language word, banan, which means “finger.”
  • 29) ‡ The term banana republic is often used in a disparaging sense; it suggests an unstable government.
  • 30) Gives a whole new meaning to the name "banana spider".
  • 31) The term banana is a racial epithet typically used in a derogatory fashion to imply that someone is “yellow (Asian/American) on the outside, white on the inside;” synonyms include Twinkie
  • 32) Lovingly referred to as "Granny," Zhelesnik uses innovative strategies to teach the preschoolers at the Sundance School in New Jersey where she has worked for the last 15 years, such as baking banana bread to talk about the letter "N," as it appears twice in the word banana.
  • 33) If a banana is a fruit, then what do you define say, an orange, and apple, or a grape as?
  • 34) No wonder the banana is the number one fruit with the world's leading athletes.
  • 35) To most people, a banana is a banana: a simple yellow fruit.
  • 36) ‘Towers started a fruit farm, growing bananas and avocados.’
  • 37) ‘Her eyes widened when she saw the bright orange pumpkins, the ripe yellow bananas, silks with colors that she had never before seen.’
  • 38) ‘Farmers grow corn, cassava, peanuts, bananas, and citrus fruits for their own consumption.’
  • 39) ‘Carpeted by rich volcanic ash, the region's moist and misty vales cradle Panama's coffee industry and also produce some of the country's finest citrus fruits and bananas.’
  • 40) ‘You might also want to mix in some slices of ripe bananas or the fruit of an avocado for a better deep conditioning treatment.’
  • 41) ‘There is a vast range of specific color truths: ripe bananas are yellow; certain sunsets are golden; claret wine is claret red and so on.’
  • 42) ‘You will feel the warmth of the sunshine, the smell of the salty sea, blending and mixing with the fragrance of flowers and the essence of bananas and ripe fruit.’
  • 43) ‘There were two large, pastel yellow clusters of bananas on the counter.’
  • 44) ‘Rice, bananas, and citrus fruits replaced the traditional crops of sugar, coffee, and cocoa.’
  • 45) ‘Choose low-fiber foods such as ground meats, ripe bananas, soft cereals or refined bread.’
  • 46) ‘Now I have a pint of hot water with a touch of lemon, then two pieces of fruit like a banana and apple.’
  • 47) ‘The main goods produced for sale are agricultural products such as corn, sweet potatoes, bananas, and citrus fruit.’
  • 48) ‘Oranges, apples, and bananas comprise half the fruit consumed.’
  • 49) ‘The procedure should make artificial chemical ripening less necessary for apples, bananas and most stone fruits now treated with ethylene.’
  • 50) ‘The favorite fresh fruits of Canadians are bananas and apples.’
  • 51) ‘Apologies to Marcia for not bringing the agreed birthday present of a bunch of overly ripe bananas.’
  • 52) ‘For fresh fruit, bananas, apples and pears will be high on the list of priorities, but consider chopping up fresh mango, papaya or peaches into a small pot.’
  • 53) ‘He said when students are finished eating apples or bananas in the school they bring the cores and skins to the composter.’
  • 54) ‘They also love ripe melons and bananas and grapes.’
  • 55) ‘You may also eat one or two pieces of fruit, such as bananas, cantaloupe or pears.’
  • 56) ‘Here, people cultivate the ensete plant, which looks like a banana tree, but its trunk pulp is prepared and eaten.’
  • 57) ‘I heard of one gardener in North Carolina who protected his banana plant in his front yard by surrounding the plant with bags and bags of leaves.’
  • 58) ‘Vivienne's smile turned wistful and she turned to snap a picture of sunlight filtering through the leaves of a banana tree.’
  • 59) ‘I've read on one website that in the Stone Age, magic properties were concealed in the leaves of a banana tree.’
  • 60) ‘He would cut the leaves off the banana tree and place them on the ground.’
  • 61) ‘The dough is wrapped in the broad leaf of the banana plant, which is singed in boiling water and allowed to steam until cooked.’
  • 62) ‘A few years ago the former policewoman, who once lived in Arizona, US, planted a banana plant in a pot.’
  • 63) ‘A banana plant in our back yard has produced green fruit about 7 inches long.’
  • 64) ‘The effigy is usually a banana tree trunk dressed up in expensive clothes and made to look like a real human figure wearing a hat or crown, though the face is covered with cloth.’
  • 65) ‘In the cemetery complex, a banana tree stands, but it is not an ordinary banana tree.’
  • 66) ‘Leaves of the drumstick plant and the core stump of the banana plant, which are available locally, are a rich source of nutrients and fibres.’
  • 67) ‘The banana plant is actually a giant weed of the tropical jungle that grows with incredible speed.’
  • 68) ‘For some reason the Spaniards saw a likeness between the banana tree and the totally different plane tree, which is how the plantain got its confusing name.’
  • 69) ‘At the side of the house I had a pomegranate tree that bore more than thirty fruit every season and a banana tree that never produced a thing.’
  • 70) ‘Konglang taught the crew to cook rice in a length of bamboo and how to hollow out the core of a banana tree for fresh water.’
  • 71) ‘I take one plant that has a really good, striking form and then design around it, such as my banana tree.’
  • 72) ‘The whole scene takes place beneath the boughs of a pine tree, the trunk of which, along with a garden rock and a banana tree, fills the left half of the composition.’
  • 73) ‘Pinzote, the stalk of the banana tree, was once dumped into Costa Rican rivers, but is now made into smooth, faintly speckled paper.’
  • 74) ‘The ceremony included the setting up of a very colourful tree - resembling a banana tree, which had a number of colourful dolls hanging from the leaves.’
  • 75) ‘As it is we only lost a banana tree, a few shrubs and a section of the fence.’
  • 76) he ate a banana

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