spelled vs spelt

spelled spelt


  • 1) North America Simple past tense and past participle of spell.


  • 1) dialect, Northern England, Scotland A thin piece of wood or metal; a splinter.
  • 2) A grain, considered either a subspecies of wheat, Triticum aestivum subsp. spelta, or a separate species Triticum spelta.
  • 3) A type of wheat (Triticum spelta syn. T. aestivum subsp. spelta) having a tough hull. It was widely cultivated in southwest Asia, the Near East, and Europe during the Bronze Age and is now grown chiefly in Europe.
  • 4) (Metal.), colloq. Spelter.
  • 5) (Bot.) A species of grain (Triticum Spelta) much cultivated for food in Germany and Switzerland; -- called also German wheat.
  • 6) hardy wheat grown mostly in Europe for livestock feed
  • 7) A splinter, splint, or strip; a spell or spill.
  • 8) An unrecognized abbreviation of spelter, a commercial name of zinc.
  • 9) A kind of wheat commonly known as Triticum Spelta, but believed to be a race of the common wheat, Triticum sativum (T. vulgare).
  • 10) obsolete To split; to break; to spalt.
  • 11) chiefly UK Simple past tense and past participle of spell.
  • 12) Tosplit;break.


  • 1) There are dry spells and difficult seasons.
  • 2) You may have been so anxious to get things right last time that it spelled disaster.
  • 3) United will use fitness concerns to get him through his recent spell of poor form.
  • 4) Yesterday he impressed with his willingness to bowl long spells as much as his control.
  • 5) It is a particular problem when the country experiences a prolonged spell of hot dry weather.
  • 6) There followed a short spell as a merchant seaman.
  • 7) It is not because they do not know how to spell or write.
  • 8) She casts a spell when she walks into a room.
  • 9) That last email spelt out the result.
  • 10) Following a spell of free time you will then return to your hotel.
  • 11) The following week a dry spell is most likely.
  • 12) This haphazard method can spell disaster for you.
  • 13) Coming back into form after dodgy spell.
  • 14) There are always difficulties when we have a long spell of bad weather.
  • 15) The freezing spell will be short and sharp.
  • 16) Can you rearrange each set of letter blocks to spell out the name of a quiz show host?
  • 17) Or does he feel the need for a spell of executive experience before clinching a plum chairmanship somewhere else?
  • 18) They forgot that a dog is a dog, not its name spelt backwards.
  • 19) This was far from a unique winter spell of weather in May.
  • 20) Clearly a name that is easy to spell backwards or forwards is an advantage if spelling isn't your thing.
  • 21) THANK you for transforming a tough spell of duty in Iraq.
  • 22) You use the keyboard to move your character, cast spells, interact and fight and the mouse to highlight targets.
  • 23) In the cruel world of high-end family law, a change of character can often spell the first sign of an impending split.


  • 1) Add the spelt or barley and stir well.
  • 2) Serve alongside spoons of the spelt salad and wilted spinach leaves.
  • 3) Lunch was a cup of herbal tea and a spelt roll.
  • 4) Serve with toasted spelt or barley.
  • 5) Its spelt sourdough combines wheat, rye and spelt for a thick crisp crust with an exceptional flavour.
  • 6) His agent, Don Meehan, says Yemelin prefers his name spelt with a 'y'.
  • 7) If any keen-eyed critic of the ocean, however, should happen to detect a rope rove through the wrong leading-block, or a term spelt in such a manner as to destroy its true sound, he is admonished of the duty of ascribing the circumstances, in charity, to any thing but ignorance on the part of a brother.
  • 8) But here is a quote from the above-mentioned report, "Farro in Italy": "It is very difficult to make the distinction between the three different farros einkorn, emmer and spelt as particularly the term spelt and farro are often used as synonyms.
  • 9) I brought the spelt pasta home with me from Austria – spelt is quite popular there right now, it seems.
  • 10) I used wholegrain spelt flour, xylobrit (xylitol) and soya butter, added walnuts and dried cranberries, and its delish!
  • 11) Add the cornmeal, wheat bran, whole grain spelt flour, buttermilk, butter, eggs, salt, oil and honey (I recommend pouring the oil into the measuring cup first, dumping it, and then measuring the honey — it will slide right out for you) to the soaking grains.
  • 12) The spelt is courtesy of June, who made such a startlingly high, even textured sandwich loaf from all spelt (I'm going to be trying one of those soon, too), and Lynn D. *, who put some in her 18 hour loaf, and liked the results.
  • 13) ‘Soybeans, corn, wheat and spelt are the focus, along with some dry beans, a little oats, and assorted cover crops.’
  • 14) ‘Little of the wheat or spelt in New York made baking quality; farmers just couldn't get into the sodden fields to harvest before the grain sprouted.’
  • 15) ‘For those who cannot tolerate the gluten in spelt and wheat, there are gluten-free options.’
  • 16) ‘For loaf breads, grind the millet to a fine flour and then combine it with three times as much spelt, barley, or wheat flour.’
  • 17) ‘In the humid Midwestern United States, wheat should never follow wheat or spelt in the rotation sequence.’

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