dialog vs dialogue

dialog dialogue


  • 1) computing A dialog box.
  • 2) A simplified spelling of dialogue.


  • 1) In a dramatic or literary presentation, the verbal parts of the script or text; the verbalizations of the actors or characters.
  • 2) A conversation or other form of discourse between two or more individuals.
  • 3) computing A dialogue box.
  • 4) A literary form, where the presentation resembles a conversation.
  • 5) A conversation between two or more people.
  • 6) A discussion of positions or beliefs, especially between groups to resolve a disagreement.
  • 7) Conversation between characters in a drama or narrative.
  • 8) A literary work written in the form of a conversation.
  • 9) Music A composition or passage for two or more parts, suggestive of conversational interplay.
  • 10) The lines or passages in a script that are intended to be spoken.
  • 11) A written composition in which two or more persons are represented as conversing or reasoning on some topic.
  • 12) A conversation between two or more persons; particularly, a formal conservation in theatrical performances or in scholastic exercises.
  • 13) a literary composition in the form of a conversation between two people
  • 14) the lines spoken by characters in drama or fiction
  • 15) A literary work in the form of an imaginary conversation or discussion — Used as the means of conveying views or opinions: as, the Dialogues of Plato.
  • 16) Used as part of a play to be acted, or to be spoken as a school exercise.
  • 17) A conversation between two or more persons; a colloquy; a talk together.
  • 18) informal, business To discuss or negotiate so that all parties can reach an understanding.
  • 19) To express as in dialogue; put in the form of a dialogue.
  • 20) To discourse together; converse; talk; confer.
  • 21) To express as or in a dialogue.
  • 22) To engage in a dialogue.
  • 23) rare To take part in a dialogue; to dialogize.
  • 24) rare To express as in dialogue.


  • 1) Impressions from outside the house, bits of interior dialog, not words so much as images or smells, rarely sounds.
  • 2) This happens for me most often with the label dialog but it's basically erasing with select similar would be one or two more input actions.
  • 3) But what surprised me was how snappy the dialog is and how the film hangs together well because of it.
  • 4) Keep it up, it’s what we call dialog…it’s a good thing.
  • 5) (BTW - this kind of dialog is exactly what I like about Publicola.)
  • 6) The writers of this show understand that dialog is characterization (among other things), and so when you have a character like Omar who doesn't say a word that would turn a hair on my grandmother's head, you know something about Omar other than that the network wouldn't let him talk differently, because it's HBO, so of course the network would.
  • 7) There are actual plots, the dialog is meant to reveal character and move the story along, and there are characters to play.
  • 8) Their dialog is hilarious, and dead-on for two guys who have known each other forever, long enough to give each other a line of bull about each and every subject.
  • 9) The dialog is poorly written as far as the predictability and the somewhat artificial flow.
  • 10) Anyway, the dialog is more comfortable on the SCA/Valkyrie end of the story than on the modern end (contractions: they are our friends), but the forging and the fighting balance that out for sure.


  • 1) But without an open dialogue there is a risk that some of their policies could take us backwards.
  • 2) They refused, but the door is always open as dialogue and action is the way forward.
  • 3) Fashion is a form of cultural dialogue.
  • 4) There will hopefully be a sense of dialogue with the people watching.
  • 5) Thus we conclude a dialogue between the two courts.
  • 6) You can choose constructive dialogue or you can choose confrontation.
  • 7) It is about who you put in that position and how well you write the dialogue.
  • 8) The inner dialogue of the book was hard to get over.
  • 9) There will be some very angry dialogue when we speak to them.
  • 10) We welcome an open dialogue with all our shareholders.
  • 11) Does the dialogue in cop dramas typically make you cringe?
  • 12) This entails verbatim delivery of classic film dialogue or interactions with actual soundtracks.
  • 13) He should be a man of dialogue.
  • 14) Simply to encourage meaningful dialogue with people beyond the same old social tracks.
  • 15) The first half consists of two scenes of dialogue with choral interruptions.
  • 16) We would welcome constructive dialogue and others with the right motives.
  • 17) The questioning of the jury by the judges is thus a form of dialogue about how he should be punished.
  • 18) The game's leaden script also makes some of the dialogue exchanges exhausting to follow.
  • 19) Players are in continual dialogue and exchange with one another'.
  • 20) Now she plays an interviewer; she is most comfortable speaking in dialogue.
  • 21) Write down the dialogue of conversations roughly as you remember them and think of ways in which you could have handled the situations differently.
  • 22) A clunky plot and terrible dialogue are redeemed by some breathtaking visuals.
  • 23) So I tried to imagine what dialogue might have taken place between those organising the various protests.
  • 24) This virtual university will house tutorials, lecture rooms, libraries and other resources as well as providing continuing conversations and dialogues.
  • 25) Since the book was not written specifically for churches, the earthy language of industry is part of the book 's dialogues.
  • 26) You can also hear him as the newscaster, although the main dialogue is subtitled in English.
  • 27) But “reading comprehension” in dialogue is a two-way street kind of thing.
  • 28) If the only way to engage the DKE boys in dialogue is to ignore the gravity of their offence, as the YDN was inclined to do, nothing would be gained.
  • 29) Here, the term dialogue is used in a broader sense concerning interactions between various forms of government: in this case, dialogue between provincial and federal governments on division of powers disputes.
  • 30) Some of the dialogue is a little stilted, and is the stuff that looks great on paper but rings odd when spoken aloud.
  • 31) - Generally, I think the dialogue is a lot better.
  • 32) But here, the dialogue is all building up tension to the violent release, which is what Tarantino does best.
  • 33) Still, any movie with this dialogue is alright with me:
  • 34) ‘There isn't much spoken out loud in the film, even though we retained nearly all the dialogue from the book.’
  • 35) ‘He read all the books and I do mean all and could recite large passages of film dialogue by heart.’
  • 36) ‘A series of ads for Borden dairy products featured dialogues between Elsie the cow and her blustering husband Elmer.’
  • 37) ‘Does he seriously believe that films with fiery dialogues could motivate the public to react against all injustice happening in society?’
  • 38) ‘Though far from perfect, and full of impenetrable dialogues, the film nonetheless has a certain visceral urgency.’
  • 39) ‘Winterbottom emphasises that although the dialogue in the film is improvised, every scenario was organised.’
  • 40) ‘We can understand French, but with films sometimes the dialogue is so fast that you miss something.’
  • 41) ‘The dialogue in this film is as sharp as anything you will find on screen.’
  • 42) ‘The great thing about the dialogue in comic books is that you don't have to hear it spoken aloud.’
  • 43) ‘In particular, it is a film full of talk, and most especially a film of dialogues: two characters isolated, whether in an apartment, or during a party, or at a racecourse.’
  • 44) ‘I was out buying popcorn while the opening credits of Dil Chahta Hai rolled, so I missed the name of the person who wrote the dialogues for this film.’
  • 45) ‘The film's dialogue is clear and distortion free.’
  • 46) ‘However, the actors and direction are very impressive, and there's some snappy, witty dialogue.’
  • 47) ‘Watch it for the sharp and witty dialogue written by series creator Caron.’
  • 48) ‘What is delicious about this film is the witty clever dialogue that is distinctly Wilde.’
  • 49) ‘The episode is low on physical action, but high in snappy dialogue.’
  • 50) ‘The actors bounce around the stage, infusing the occasionally stilted dialogue with raw physicality.’
  • 51) ‘On top of all this, there is some amazingly clunky dialogue that must be heard to be believed.’
  • 52) ‘Sixth, the sound editing pumps up the volume for the bad music, but leaves crucial dialogue barely audible.’
  • 53) ‘There is little dialogue in the film, but the visuals speak for themselves.’
  • 54) ‘The overall effect of the changes described above has been to allow firms to re-enter a direct dialogue with each of their customers.’
  • 55) ‘Without direct dialogue with students on this question, it is difficult to say.’
  • 56) ‘We're not just wanting a dialogue with the government-we need the government to move towards us.’
  • 57) ‘Instead, you should see the opening-up of a dialogue with your boss as the chance to keep on negotiating.’
  • 58) ‘What we want to do is continue the dialogue with fishermen.’
  • 59) ‘I never had a dialogue with them throughout this process, though our manager did.’
  • 60) ‘If that relationship is to be rescued now, the government needs to set its dialogue with business on much more honest foundations.’
  • 61) ‘Foreign secretary level talks between India and Pakistan to resume the composite dialogue were concluded today.’
  • 62) ‘The suggestions included promoting domestic political harmony and resuming constructive dialogue with China.’
  • 63) ‘The United States has been urging both China and Taiwan to resume cross-strait dialogue.’
  • 64) ‘He has promoted inter-religious dialogue by breaking new ground.’
  • 65) ‘Women in Australia are also promoting inter-religious dialogue.’
  • 66) ‘The teacher created an ongoing dialogue about universal issues such as friendship, empathy, kindness, and helpfulness.’
  • 67) ‘The border problem cannot be sorted out in one visit but meaningful dialogues have been initiated.’
  • 68) ‘A clear and simplified mechanism will facilitate a closer dialogue between all parties involved in the running of the sport.’
  • 69) ‘Jakarta now needs to take the lead and continue the dialogue begun in Geneva to ensure a lasting peace.’
  • 70) ‘I mean, we set in place two levels of security dialogue between the two sides.’
  • 71) ‘In fact, the very existence of the disputes calls for closer policy dialogue between Japan and China.’
  • 72) ‘In this situation, never has a dialogue among civilizations been more urgent.’
  • 73) ‘Civil society means we have to be willing to dialogue with others with whom we disagree.’
  • 74) ‘Armed with this information, patients may find it easier to dialogue with their doctors.’
  • 75) ‘Who are the various constituent groups that we need to dialogue with about this?’
  • 76) ‘It seems he had tried to dialogue with his would-be kidnappers who shot him as he resisted their abduction attempt.’
  • 77) ‘Too often companies neglect to inform and dialogue with their own people, especially in times of crisis.’
  • 78) ‘But it's difficult to dialogue with someone whose ideology dismisses your equality.’
  • 79) ‘I will continue to dialogue with local government and encourage it to seek local solutions to local problems.’
  • 80) ‘We continue to dialogue with local government, and we will continue to do so.’
  • 81) ‘I love the fact that we're two nonscholars dialoguing on a scholarly symposium.’
  • 82) ‘My intuition and my brain are telling me that tonight we need to keep dialoguing.’
  • 83) ‘One day, I was dialoguing with her when she said to me, ‘Wait, I must assume another form in order to answer that question.’’
  • 84) ‘Should the religious community be dialoguing with educational researchers?’
  • 85) ‘And so is the intrapersonal, insofar as we are dialoguing with our selves all the time.’
  • 86) ‘As spiritual activists, we have a great deal to gain from dialoguing with each other.’
  • 87) ‘Here I recorded my adult reflections, insights, and thoughts, dialogued with the young girl, listened to her complaints and her feelings as she struggled hard to emerge into my conscious life.’
  • 88) ‘Elizabethan theater audiences sat on stage and dialogued with the actors.’
  • 89) ‘Their participation will add a whole new dimension to our blog, the ability to dialogue on issues.’
  • 90) ‘We want nationbuilders to dialogue fast and rely on force only as a last resort.’
  • 91) ‘Within the Council of Faculties, let's enable knowledge creation on this issue by joining together and dialoging as a community of learners.’
  • 92) ‘So you could say I was dialoging with that part of myself, but it was just the work.’
  • 93) they disagreed but kept an open dialogue

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