sometimes vs some times

sometimes some times


  • 1) obsolete former; sometime
  • 2) Obsolete At some previous time; formerly.
  • 3) At times; now and then.
  • 4) obsolete Formerly; sometime.
  • 5) At times; at intervals; not always; now and then; occasionally.
  • 6) at certain times … at certain other times.
  • 7) on certain occasions or in certain cases but not always
  • 8) Sameassometime.


  • 1) sometimes people who know about our friendship wonder whether it competes with our marriages.
  • 2) sometimes it felt rather like a job interview.
  • 3) The timing of their meeting means romance sometimes takes a back seat.
  • 4) sometimes you just sense love or warmth and sometimes you can hear their voices.
  • 5) Now she sometimes colours and cuts her own.
  • 6) sometimes you think you know the sporting landscape.
  • 7) Yet sometimes an exception must be made.
  • 8) sometimes people unfairly criticise others to draw attention away from their own failings.
  • 9) Religion is sometimes a radical rather than a conservative force.
  • 10) She normally sits in the back but sometimes is a front seat passenger.
  • 11) sometimes you can hear the cries of couples on the beach.
  • 12) Elderly people are now sometimes given pets in recognition of this need for tactile experience.
  • 13) sometimes people think they know things because their minds know about them.
  • 14) sometimes it must mean working for some pretty distasteful regimes.
  • 15) Is the cause sometimes something rather odd?
  • 16) sometimes a window must be removed to get the patient out.
  • 17) People here sometimes say bad things about the country.
  • 18) They have become more familiar to people because they can sometimes be spotted now from hides in wetland nature reserves.
  • 19) You sometimes find it rather hard.
  • 20) If that person then refuses to give the money back, sometimes the only option is to pursue them in court.
  • 21) ‘It almost looks as though the slicer is using a scythe rather than a club sometimes.’
  • 22) ‘Every job is a stressful period for a lot of people and there are still sometimes disputes.’
  • 23) ‘It can seem impossible to get a handle on this vast and sometimes unforgiving region.’
  • 24) ‘In the evening they are full but sometimes during the day there are slots to fill.’
  • 25) ‘He has discovered that life in Bolton can sometimes be awkward as a wheelchair user.’
  • 26) ‘Getting up early is not my natural inclination but does pay off sometimes for the light.’
  • 27) ‘Men were sometimes summoned during the night and they took it in turns to work on Sundays.’
  • 28) ‘The solutions are sometimes not what we would like, but there is always a way ahead.’
  • 29) ‘Do you think that sometimes the attitudes of a small town can fuel talent as well as suppress it?’
  • 30) ‘Yet he could be so affected by his job that he was sometimes unable to speak before an execution.’
  • 31) ‘From the cradle to the grave it is a passion that is eternal, even if it is sometimes infernal.’
  • 32) ‘There must have been a side to him that sometimes got very down, but I never saw that.’
  • 33) ‘As he says, sometimes the only way to get value for your licence fee is to be an aberrant decoder.’
  • 34) ‘During filming I would sometimes beg the camera crew to tell us what was going on in a scene.’
  • 35) ‘He acknowledges that sometimes art simply holds up a mirror to the society it is born from.’
  • 36) ‘The game of football is a strange one, sometimes you don't play well and you still get a win.’
  • 37) ‘I sometimes still hear the shouts but on the whole the fans seem happy enough this year.’
  • 38) ‘It can also sometimes be a bit difficult to attract the attention of the staff in the lounge bar.’
  • 39) ‘I do eat a lot of Quorn and beans and spinach and eggs, but sometimes it is hard to eat a balanced diet.’
  • 40) ‘The way he acts sometimes, one wonders if he has had any experience of a real lady.’

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