preventive vs preventative

preventive preventative


  • 1) nonstandard A thing that prevents, hinders, or acts as an obstacle to.
  • 2) nonstandard A thing that slows the development of an illness.
  • 3) A contraceptive, especially a condom.
  • 4) Something that prevents; an obstacle.
  • 5) Something that prevents or slows the course of an illness or disease.
  • 6) That which prevents, hinders, or obstructs; that which intercepts access; in medicine, something to prevent disease; a prophylactic.
  • 7) any obstruction that impedes or is burdensome
  • 8) an agent or device intended to prevent conception
  • 9) Also preventative.
  • 10) That which goes before; an anticipation.
  • 11) Specifically, something taken, used, or done beforehand to ward off disease.
  • 12) That which prevents; that which constitutes an effectual check or insurmountable obstacle.
  • 13) Slowing the development of an illness; prophylactic.
  • 14) Carried out to deter military aggression.
  • 15) Preventing, hindering, or acting as an obstacle to.
  • 16) Preventing or slowing the course of an illness or disease; prophylactic.
  • 17) Intended or used to prevent or hinder; acting as an obstacle.
  • 18) Carried out to deter expected aggression by hostile forces.
  • 19) Tending to defeat or hinder; obviating; preventing the access of.
  • 20) [Eng] the duty performed by the armed police in guarding the coast against smuggling.
  • 21) obsolete Going before; preceding.
  • 22) tending to prevent or hinder


  • 1) Alternative form of preventive.
  • 2) That which prevents; -- incorrectly used instead of preventive.
  • 3) Same as preventive.


  • 1) Edwards: "End 'preventive war' doctrine" yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'Edwards: "End \'preventive war\' doctrine "'; yahooBuzzArticleSummary =' Article: John Edwards talks about ending Bush\'s" preventative war doctrine "and how to diplomatically engage with Iran. '
  • 2) Among other things, you declared here at the end what you called the preventive war doctrine of Bush/Cheney, and that should go where it belongs, the trash heap of history.
  • 3) Until the RezLine account, I hadn't dealt with any of what I called preventive analyses in over a year, and suddenly, within weeks of each other, I had two, and from two different clients.
  • 4) It is the first time the commission - the top U.N. human rights watchdog - has undertaken what it terms preventive diplomacy.
  • 5) Page 27 them in because of the distance they've travelled, and they have what they call preventive maintenance.
  • 6) Many have continued to condemn the U.S. for what they call preventive war, or pre-emption, in the case of the Iraqi invasion in 2003, calling it illegal, the unilateral invasion of a sovereign state without justification.
  • 7) Women would not pay more than men and insurers would invest more in preventive care and care coordination.
  • 8) And it makes the largest investment ever in preventive care, because that is one of the best ways to keep our people healthy and our costs under control.
  • 9) Their experiences and observations underscore why changing the health care system has proved so hard for presidents and policymakers: the complexity of the system, the pressure from chronic diseases, the shortfall in preventive care, the high costs, the competing demands — and the life-or-death stakes.
  • 10) ‘There are some important preventive measures that can be done to avoid a recurrent stroke.’
  • 11) ‘The effect of preventive measures on the incidence of ankle sprains.’
  • 12) ‘Wider community education is required as a primary preventive measure.’
  • 13) ‘The one area of food writing that remained substantially the same was that concerned with books addressing diet as preventive.’
  • 14) ‘However, the efficacy of preventive therapy in this group has not been demonstrated.’
  • 15) ‘We are entering a new era in preventive medicine, which focuses on diet as a means to health.’
  • 16) ‘Active tuberculosis must be excluded before beginning preventive therapy.’
  • 17) ‘He had a varied and successful career in public health, where a particular interest was preventive medicine.’
  • 18) ‘In some countries, junior students provided preventive health care directly to underserved populations.’
  • 19) ‘Since you have already been tested, ask your neurologist about preventive medication.’
  • 20) ‘Are we sure that the balance sheet of preventive activity really offers more good than harm?’
  • 21) ‘Until recently there were only two kinds of medical activity: preventive and curative.’
  • 22) ‘Once errors are recognised their causes must be analysed so that preventive measures can be applied.’
  • 23) ‘Lord Justice May said the police were entitled to take preventive measures to avoid breaches of the peace.’
  • 24) ‘However, there have been no clinical trials of preventive therapy in HIV positive children.’
  • 25) ‘Soldiers must take preventive measures and be trained to detect signs of illness in colleagues.’
  • 26) ‘He took his discharge there and worked in a mission hospital, an experience that led him to take up preventive medicine.’
  • 27) ‘Health authorities initiated preventive measures to prevent infectious diseases, if any.’
  • 28) ‘You will not become addicted to preventive medicines for asthma, even if you use them for many years.’
  • 29) ‘As family physicians, we're supposed to be experts in the area of preventive medicine.’
  • 30) ‘But don't expect that to stop drug companies from hyping their cholesterol lowering products as preventives for breast cancer.’
  • 31) ‘Silicone greases are probably not effective preventives.’
  • 32) ‘Eating garlic and plenty of vitamin C are useful anti-viral preventives.’
  • 33) ‘In addition, these are all measures at the end of the line that need to be complemented by many more preventives.’
  • 34) ‘Considered a leading expert on flea control, Dryden says natural flea preventives, such as adding garlic to the pet's food or using the aromatic oils of cedar, lavender, mint and rosemary, are ineffective.’
  • 35) ‘However, these steels are sometimes subject to stress-corrosion or hydrogen stress cracking; then other preventives are needed, in addition to coatings.’
  • 36) ‘And, he says, the most powerful preventives are on the shelves of your natural foods store.’
  • 37) ‘Hop Sing had told him how effective they could be as a preventive against disease.’
  • 38) ‘Hence the antibiotic may be useful as a preventive as well as a treatment.’
  • 39) ‘For a period of time, a lot of people took this as theoretically a heart disease preventive.’
  • 40) ‘In addition, an aspirin a day may be an excellent preventive for those at risk of a heart attack.’
  • 41) ‘It is now available homeopathically and in various preparations as an asthma preventive.’
  • 42) ‘Take half a cup of feverfew tea every hour at the first sign of migraine attack or tension, or one cup every morning as a preventive.’
  • 43) ‘One dose can often bring instant relief, and you can take these herbs every day as a preventive.’
  • 44) ‘In fact, to be most effective, feverfew should be used on a regular basis as a preventive.’
  • 45) ‘Of course a wedding is no guarantee one won't leave in the future, but it can be a preventive.’
  • 46) ‘For years, businesses have sold shark cartilage as a cancer cure or preventive.’
  • 47) ‘Now the cheapest drug in the pharmacy appears to be gaining ground as a major cancer preventive.’
  • 48) ‘The world's best nausea preventive, ginger also is useful in treating arthritis.’
  • 49) ‘Drug analysis is a method that can be used both as a preventive and as an early detection tool.’


  • 1) As second engineer, his day-to-day responsibility was preventative maintenance.
  • 2) ‘Along with the Netherlands, it has applied to the EU to start preventative vaccination of domestic birds in some areas.’
  • 3) ‘There needs to be a massive shift in the health care system from treatment to preventative care.’
  • 4) ‘Do the best for your cats and kittens by taking them to a vet for preventative vaccinations.’
  • 5) ‘Treatments include preventative medicines and those for use in acute attacks.’
  • 6) ‘As part of preventative maintenance, periodic checks of the endoscopes are done.’
  • 7) ‘She would like to become an equine practitioner specializing in preventative medicine.’
  • 8) ‘Remember that the preventative drugs for malaria need to be continued for one month after leaving the malarial region.’
  • 9) ‘They aim to have a preventative medication on the market by mid next year.’
  • 10) ‘For those drinking three to four cups of coffee per day the preventative effect was even greater.’
  • 11) ‘Perfect for weight loss charms and acne preventatives.’
  • 12) ‘Or should you bother, if some of the preventatives have potentially alarming side-effects?’
  • 13) ‘At the same time, last weekend the UN admitted that HIV infection (passed on mainly through sexual activity) is spreading worldwide, despite the use of preventatives and precautions (such as use of condoms).’
  • 14) ‘Veterinarians from across the country report that dog owners have trouble remembering to give monthly heartworm preventatives as prescribed.’
  • 15) ‘They learn about condoms, as a preventative against disease, not pregnancy, for obvious reasons.’
  • 16) ‘And, as we might imagine, Florida state government officials are regularly offered new supposed cures and preventatives.’
  • 17) ‘In one story on calcium channel blockers - hypertension preventatives - the media overdramatized the drugs' risks.’
  • 18) ‘Treatments are not intended to be used as preventatives.’
  • 19) ‘One way is by ensuring that your pet is on a monthly parasite preventative.’
  • 20) ‘Non-medical advice to take Ciprofloxacin, for example, as a preventative is totally wrong.’
  • 21) ‘Granger's framework can be seen as a preventative in minimizing the use of meaningless correlations.’

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