gene vs allele

gene allele


  • 1) genetics A unit of heredity; a segment of DNA or RNA that is transmitted from one generation to the next, and that carries genetic information such as the sequence of amino acids for a protein.
  • 2) A hereditary unit consisting of a sequence of DNA that occupies a specific location on a chromosome and is transcribed into an RNA molecule that may function directly or be translated into an amino acid chain. Genes undergo mutation when their DNA sequences change.


  • 1) Perhaps because the search for more efficient egg production now involves jellyfish genes.
  • 2) Supporting smaller farms also avoids mass consolidation which narrows the gene pool and renders crops less resilient against disease.
  • 3) This new study builds on that work by identifying or confirming a raft of genes we inherited from our prehistoric relations.
  • 4) She puts her youthful appearance down to her personal trainer, long walks and good genes.
  • 5) If the breed you pick is niche, remember that gene pools are finite.
  • 6) SOCIAL media addicts may have their genes to blame, a report claims.
  • 7) The technique involves injecting a virus into the eye to deliver replacements for faulty genes, which can then produce the missing proteins that cause sight loss.
  • 8) More than 100 genes determine how we manage cholesterol, so be aware of any family history of heart disease.
  • 9) Now we learn that good genes will help the lucky.
  • 10) The pair of genes may produce the same or differing effects.
  • 11) We are familiar with the idea that we inherit the genes we have from our parents.
  • 12) This switches on other genes that cause cells to grow out of control.
  • 13) Individual genes are just not very informative.
  • 14) The location of a gene on the chromosome.
  • 15) Your genes help determine the amount of cholesterol your body produces.
  • 16) These genes code for proteins that appear to play a role in appetite control.
  • 17) What properties of our gene pools could have allowed such an astonishing process to take place?
  • 18) Do their bodies look as though they will pass on good genes to her offspring?
  • 19) Some volunteers who carry the gene may be given drug treatment as early as their twenties.
  • 20) But my daughter has inherited some freak genes from somewhere that make her very good at it.
  • 21) Tests on mice showed stress altered the release of immune cell genes.
  • 22) All cancers are caused by mutations in individual genes.
  • 23) That could mean the strength of our consciences is partly determined by our genes.
  • 24) The proteins that copy genes were turned into systems for determining the information within them.
  • 25) The map can determine whether the embryo has inherited chunks of chromosome that contain any faulty gene.
  • 26) This makes them a special gene pool.
  • 27) Some of our chromosomes are as much as two hundred million bases long and carry the information for thousands of genes.
  • 28) What we didn't know is that they also change the behaviour of our genes.
  • 29) For many, the link between genes and addictive behaviour is the brain.
  • 30) This is likely to involve many genes, some of which have been identified.
  • 31) $found = 1; last; die "Did not find gene $gene in $root. txt" unless $found = 1;
  • 32) Amir Karimuddin: @gene Thanks for your confirmation. gene: @Amir i double checked, the sh1810c is chinese market model, sh810c is japanese model, not a big issue though:)
  • 33) ‘Karma helps to imprint a code on the soul, similar to the genetic code on the genes.’
  • 34) ‘Nowadays, the phrase is extended to mean the ability to pass on one's genes to one's offspring.’
  • 35) ‘The condition is rare and is caused by the inheritance of an abnormal gene from an affected parent.’
  • 36) ‘The child will be a carrier of the trait if only one gene from the parents is transmitted.’
  • 37) ‘If your genes code for grey hair at a later time, you will become grey as you get older.’
  • 38) ‘Proteins encoded by the abnormal genes are then identified and their interactions studied by pathway analyses and probable functions deduced.’
  • 39) ‘The accessory gland protein-coding genes were isolated in such a way that favors overrepresentation of highly expressed genes.’
  • 40) ‘Each of these species contains opsin genes which are not expressed in the adult retina.’
  • 41) ‘The new analysis confirmed the existence of 1,098 protein-coding genes on the X chromosome.’
  • 42) ‘In other mollusks a relatively small number of mitochondrial genes are transcribed from the second strand.’


  • 1) Over the boom of their released laughter, he told them, "As you know, each of these cards represents an allele.
  • 2) Evolution is about one thing: The explanation for the changes in allele frequencies over time.
  • 3) The allele could originate by mutation of an allele for brown fur and the environment caused selection which caused a change in allele frequency.
  • 4) The mechanisms whereby genomes are reduced or expanded are often not the standard "neo-Darwinian processes", ie changes in allele frequency.
  • 5) Mesk, when you suggest that an allele is conserved if it has 0. 0001% advantage, you are comparing apples to oranges in this case, are you not?
  • 6) If you did it with 5,000 mutants and 5,000 wild-types (enough to detect a selective advantage as small as 0.005%) and saw changes in allele frequency compatible with drift, people would definitely stand up and take notice.
  • 7) With interesting applications here for diagnosis, therapy models and possibly even pharmaceuticals, the authors concluded that "the absence of this protective bias in short-allele carriers is likely to be linked with the heightened susceptibility to mood disorders such as depression and anxiety that has been reported in this group."
  • 8) (An allele is any of the variants of a gene that takes more than one form; such genes are known as polymorphisms.
  • 9) ‘This result is consistent with the idea that the five members of the group are alleles of the same gene.’
  • 10) ‘These genes have multiple alleles and are expressed either in the stigma or in the pollen.’
  • 11) ‘We have no two plant lines that are identical for all alleles of genes yet differ appreciably for genome size.’
  • 12) ‘Variation within a population is due to the presence of multiple alleles of a gene.’
  • 13) ‘In the case of electrons, nine alleles had point-like mutations and three had rearrangements.’

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